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    17 Times You Definitely Did Not Judge Other Parents

    Nope, no judgement here.

    1. That time a mom yelled at her screaming child in Target, you didn't judge.

    2. When you saw that dad plop the carseat right on top of the grocery cart, you didn't post a shame-y picture on Facebook.

    3. When one of the moms in your 2-year-old's music class breastfed her toddler mid-song, there were no snarky comments from you.

    4. When you noticed your neighbors had registered for cloth diapers, you didn't laugh in their faces about how much laundry they'd have to do.

    5. Or, when you saw your disposable diaper-loving friend send yet another seven pounds of dirty diapers to the landfill, you offered to help her carry the load.

    6. When your best friend stopped breastfeeding and switched to formula after three weeks, you got it. Being someone's exclusive source of food is hard.

    7. When your High School boyfriend posted that Instagram of his newborn snuggling his Rottweiler, you kept your chill.

    8. When your 5-year-old pointed out the kid on the leash at Disneyland, you didn't snicker or roll your eyes.

    9. When your pre-kinder's friend brought a pacifier on their playdate, you didn't activate a phone tree.

    10. When that mom checked her iPhone while pushing her kid on the swings, you smiled knowingly.

    11. And when those parents let their kid play on the iPad in a restaurant, you didn't throw shade.

    12. When you were asked to donate a little extra money to your child's class so that everyone could go on the field trip, you didn't gripe about the families that didn't pay their share.

    13. When your friend told you she was having a home birth, you didn't tell her she was crazy.

    14. And when your sister went for the epidural, she got no speech from you about that natural birth rush.

    15. When that blogger you follow posted a photo of their kiddo with a twisted carseat strap on Instagram, you didn't call it out in the comments.

    16. When that celebrity shared a photo of his wife holding his new baby all wrong, you cut them some slack.

    17. And when the little boy in the airport line lost his shit and his parents tried calming tactics you'd never seen before, you thought before you started whispering about them.