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We Bet You Can't Get Through This Post Without Forgetting Something

Wait, what was I writing about?

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1. You walk into a room and immediately forget why.


2. You stop talking in the middle of like, 9 out of 10 sentences.


3. You've never made a market trip and actually gotten everything on your list.


4. You basically have to change your password any time you want to log in to anything.


5. You call everyone by affectionate nicknames because their actual name never seems to come to you in time.

Cartoon Network

6. You can never find your coffee...until the next morning when you open the microwave to re-heat your cup.


7. And you've learned the hard way that coffee pots are not really designed to stay on for days.

8. You might have even forgotten it’s your birthday.


9. And you've definitely forgotten how old you are.

Columbia Pictures

10. You can never remember the dance steps.


Your dreams of joining a dance crew = shattered.

11. You've got no clue where that enormous bruise came from.

Twentieth Century Fox

12. You've driven away with the door open.


Or the gas pump still attached.

13. You've definitely lost a drink this way.

14. You live and die by your phone's reminder app.

15. Lost and found workers know you by name.


It's like you live there.

16. You've lost your glasses on your own face.

Sundance Select

17. In 10 seconds you'll forget you ever read this.

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