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17 Ideas You Could Only Have When You're High

Puff, puff, ::invents new vaccine::

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1. The renaissance woman:

I had the highdea of looking for my lost phone by yelling “hey Siri” It worked!!!!! The phone was in my back pocket but it worked!!!

2. The revolutionary:

highdea: a jingle you play to let the ice cream man know you want him to come there

3. The mompreneur:

There should be potty-training flushable circles that float and change color when peed on. #pissdiscs #highdea

4. The actual genius:

5. The ombudsman of humanity:

This might be a #highdea but why don't people have brunch BBQs? Like backyard Cookout with pancakes and grilled sausage/bacon etc. 🔥🔥✴️🇺🇸😱

6. The highest dad you know:

Highdea: start a pasta restaurant and name it "Impasta". It will be all rip offs of famous pasta dishes 🍝

7. The true circle of life:

Maybe plants are farming us, giving us oxygen to breathe so we can die and turn into mulch for them.

8. The mash-up artist:

#Highdea #1 ., Put hershey kisses in your frosted flakes. #ThankMeLater

9. The future makeup mogul:

I had a highdea to mix some of this cream shadow with face cream. Let me tell you, my face is GLOWING!

10. The philosopher:

You know it's a good idea when you can't really explain your idea.

11. The free art department:

Highdea: fur options for the cat face emoji. Ur welcome @Apple Pay me.

12. The purple fan:

Highdea.. if you use food coloring with some melted mozzarella cheese, let it harden and made cheese sticks out of it, can I have purple-

13. The culinary genius:

@Wendys if nuggets can be shaped however you want why aren't yours shaped like little Wendy heads? Just a #highdea for y'all

14. The eagle-eyed daughter:

My parents bought old fashioned taco flavored Doritos to eat their ceviche with and it was 🔥, that's a highdea if I've ever seen one

15. The latecomer:

I just invented reusable ziploc bags in my head and I thought I had the best highdea ever until I remembered Tupperware existed

16. The self-stalker:

was just backstalking myself on fb (usually happens ab once a week) and found the BEST highdea (high idea, obviousl…

17. The truth:

twitter was literally the best highdea ever

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