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15 Struggles First-Time Breastfeeders Know Too Well

What fresh hell is this?

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2. And then someone mentions that it's time to try breastfeeding.


Maybe it's you. Maybe it's a nurse. Maybe it's your nosy mother-in-law who you're pretty sure just wants to get a look at your rack. Either way, this is happening.


6. Sure, at first the latch feels like the fire of a thousand suns. But for the most part, you've kind of got this. Sort of.

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At least you're slightly less creeped out by the idea than you were before you gave birth.


10. Either way, you'll have a few days to practice that latch before your milk comes in.

Surprise! You go to bed with your rack, you wake up with Kate Upton's. (But if you squeeze them like that, milk will go EVERYWHERE.)

12. But you're a pro now, right? You're totally ready to take your skills on the road.

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Oh, did you think you would be able to work your life around your baby's feeding schedule? Kids teach us so much.


13. Hopefully you're not shy! Unless you're fond of public restroom stalls, strangers will stare at you.

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Some folks might even snap your photo and post it on the internet in an attempt to shame you, because y'know...they've been offended and they want to share the love.