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    May 6, 2017

    15 Fidget Toys That Will Change Your Life


    1. Official Focus Cube


    This unassuming little vinyl cube raised over 6 million dollars on Kickstarter, and isn't slowing down any time soon. Just try not to use the clicking functions in class (or meetings, if you work at BuzzFeed and want people to like you).

    Beware of imitators: The original is $22.

    2. The Fidget Dice

    Need more textures on your fidget tool? Fidget Dice takes it to the next level by giving you nine tactile sides. It also claims to assist with depression and anxiety. $11.99.

    3. Pencil Top Fidgets

    While the anxiety and sugar addled love fidget toys, not all teachers do. These pencil toppers are quiet and a bit more classroom friendly. $8.79.

    4. Fidget Spinner

    Spinners come in all shapes and sizes, and some even light up! $13.99

    5. BATMAN Spinner

    It's like a batarang for your extra energy. $11-$14.

    6. Ball of Whacks

    This puzzle (which, warning, contains rare earth magnets that should never be ingested) is an awesome way to refocus energy and creativity into productivity (and I'm not even a time management guru.) A personal obsession. $21.52.

    7. Tom's Flippy Fidget Toy

    For serious fidgeters only, Tom's Fidgets can handle an impressive amount of pressure and grip. (Also silent for classroom fidgeters.)

    8. Happy Fidgeters

    Great for younger kids (as long as they know not to put marbles in their mouth), this sensory fidget toy will keep your early fidgeters engaged and happy. $12.99 for a pack of 10.

    9. Squeeze-a-Bean

    You and this squishy yet satisfying keychain will be like two peas in a pod. (See what I did there?) $10.98.

    10. Tangle Jr.

    Hours of twisty, tangly, colorful, silent fidgeting. (Seriously, pen clicking and desk tapping are not cool.) $9.25.

    11. The Fidget Pen

    The fidget pen is an actual functioning pen that employs many of the features that fidget cubes are known for. Although it has a clicky top (DON'T DO IT) there are plenty of other options to keep everyone around you sane. $24.00.

    12. Monkey Ring

    This flexible BPA-free thermoplastic rubber fidgeter can be twisted, tugged, and even worn as a bracelet. $11.99 for 3.

    13. Flexi Puzzle

    With 80 different possible outcomes, the Flexi Puzzle will keep your fingers busier than...idk...United Airlines PR team? $7.29

    14. Magnetic Fidget Spheres

    Don't be fooled by the photo, it's not a cube of ball bearings (okay am I the only person who thinks it looks like that?) The Magnetic Fidget Sphere is actually more like silly putty made out of rare earth magnets (which again, are dangerous if ingested, but feel so nice.) $25

    15. Anxiety Ball

    This ball of interconnected rings is a tactile dream. Also shiny. $11.99.

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