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    13 Life-Changing Products For Picky Eaters

    Peace out, "Moooooooom, my food is touching!!!!"

    1. Never hear "my food is touching!" ever again.

    A six-year-old invented this genius contraption, called Food Cubbies, available HERE.

    2. Goldilocks would love this dish.

    This magic cooling bowl gets the temperature just right, every time. Find it HERE.

    3. Make things egg-citing!

    Sometimes shapes help! (Get it HERE.)

    4. These kid-friendly picks make eating a breeze.

    You want to eat one pea at a time? Go ahead. (Get it HERE.)

    5. Drive away your kid's hesitation.

    This plate/tray/food separator will come in handy when you can actually get them to agree to eat. (Get it HERE.)

    6. Never serve soggy waffles again.

    This multifunctional plate tilts so that liquids stay in the intended reservoir and off their crisp snacks. (Available HERE.)

    7. Incentivize, incentivize, incentivize.

    There's chocolate under that finish line, buddy! (Find it HERE.)

    8. Oh, you love trains? Well, trains love food!

    Thus, you love food, right kiddo? (Find it HERE.)

    9. Maybe you prefer to make food art?

    If drawing on your plate will get you to put vegetables in your mouth, Van Gogh nuts. (Available HERE.)

    10. Give them the tools to do the work.

    Who could resist these interactive plates? (Get yours HERE.)

    11. Maybe hiding all ingredients will do the trick.

    If you blend up all their food and put it in opaque pouches, it's totally possible they'll stop screaming about every, single, little "green thing" they spot. (But really, these are great if your kid only likes stuff that you make -- find them here.)

    12. Get help.

    Tons of parents swear by the no-cry method. (As soon as I stop crying over my kid's eating habits, I'll report back, myself. In the meantime, here's the link.)

    13. And when all else fails, get sneaky.

    They'll never even know that cauliflower is in there. (Available HERE.)

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