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Student Spotlight: Amanda Nicholson

An interview with a vegan college student

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Meet Amanda

While being a vegan seems hard, being a vegan in college seems impossible, right? Wrong! According to UNCC student Amanda Nicholson, going vegan in college has been one of the best decisions she's ever made.

Nicholson, a junior majoring in public health, decided to become a vegan in August of 2016. I had the opportunity to sit down with her and learn the logistics of being fully vegan on a college student's budget.

Q: What inspired you to go vegan?

A: The health benefits were why I went vegan. I've always been picky about meat and stuff anyway, so I just woke up one day and was like, "well, I'm going to do this."

Q: Being a college student, have you found it to be affordable?

A: It can be expensive. You can go out there and spend ridiculous amounts of money, but if you do it right it's not any more expensive. I actually spend less on groceries now.

Q: What are some places [in Charlotte] that you've found make your lifestyle affordable?

A: Harris Teeter has a lot of meat alternatives, way more than you would think and they're pretty cheap. Trader Joe's is awesome. They have a ton of really cheap stuff and vegan TV-dinners, which is nice because sometimes I don't like to cook. There's a vegan take-out restaurant by IKEA called Zizi's. It's a tiny little whole-in-the-wall but it's so good.

Q: What's something you wish people knew about being vegan?

A: People think I eat sprouts all day! People don't understand that I still eat food and yes, I'm getting enough protein.

Nicholson says she has never felt better or had more energy in her life, and attributes it to her dietary change.

If you've thought about making the switch to veganism, try it out for one week and comment below how your experience went.

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