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3 Blogs I Love

Here are a few blogs that I'm interested in.

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This a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog run by a 21 year old girl living in New York City. She used to be a fairly popular content creator on YouTube but has recently switched to running her own blog. I love the layout of Emily's blog and that she separates her posts in to categories, however her posts are sometimes infrequent.


This food blog is one of the best I have ever come across. It's run by a San Francisco based photographer named Kimberley and the pictures she posts are incredible. The blog includes recipes, food guides, and even healthy eating tips. If this blog could improve one thing however I would suggest making the home page a little less cluttered, it is somewhat overwhelming.


This is one of my favorite travel blogs. It's run by a woman named Kate who at age 26, quit her job to travel the world alone. I find this blog so interesting because I would never have the courage to drop everything and travel the world by myself, but it is inspiring to me that Kate did. I like that she has all of her social media sites linked on the home page because it is convenient, but I wish that some of her posts were a little shorter.

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