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    No One Compares To Zoë Kravitz And Karl Glusman When It Comes To Instagram PDA

    Hollywood's cutest lovebirds!

    It wasn't until Zoë Kravitz and Karl Glusman got married that I noticed just how cute they were on Instagram.

    And I'm not talking about physical cuteness...we know they've already won in that department.

    I'm talking about social media PDA. After taking a scroll through their Instagrams, it's clear I've been missing out on PEAK relationship content.

    So take a ride with me as we take a deep dive into their IG pages and soak up all of this internet affection:

    🖤 Here's how they celebrate editorial achievements 🖤

    Karl: "My Love, my hero, best friend and greatest inspiration. You’re so fucking cool. Still pinching myself daily...THAT’S MY LADY!!!"

    Zoë: "Husband."

    🖤 Here's how they let each other know they're thinking of them 🖤

    Karl: "Never not thinking about you when I'm gone."

    Zoë: "I miss you."

    🖤 Here's how they celebrate milestones 🖤

    Karl: "1 Year Strong."

    Zoë: "Best date ever. Happy 1 year...I'm crazy about you kid."

    🖤 Here's how they highlight each other's assets 🖤

    Karl: "Merry Christmas 🍑."

    Zoë: "This fucking guy right here...#ThatSmileTho"

    🖤Here's how they get into the holiday spirit 🖤

    Karl: "The first rule of Fight Club is: You do not talk about Fight Club."

    Zoë: "Princess 🍑, Luigi , and a Gucci ghost."

    🖤 And of course, here's how they display actual PDA 🖤

    Karl: "Let's get old together."

    Zoë: "🥐🇫🇷🥐."

    And don't even get me started on these comments!

    It's safe to say, I'm obsessed in the HEALTHIEST way, and I never want their happiness to end.

    Okay, that's where this ride ends. Now time to do some independent study: go check out their Instagrams and scroll through all of the adorable photos and videos that I didn't share here. ~ You're welcome ~