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    A Fan Called Out Zachary Quinto For Using A Fake Name At Starbucks

    "Girl check your eyebrows!"

    During a recent sit-down with James Corden on The Late Late Show, Zachary Quinto explained why he tried to be inconspicuous at a Michigan Starbucks and how his plan failed.

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    Zach was working on a project in Ann Arbor, when he decided to take a caffeine break after lunch. So he stopped by the nearest coffee shop.

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    After placing his order, Zach gave the barista a fake name in an attempt to stay under the radar. His name of choice: Josh.

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    But that attempt didn't go very far, because his barista Sophia knew EXACTLY who he was.

    I mean, his eyebrows are pretty recognizable soooo...she's kind of right.

    Michael Kovac / Getty Images

    And after seeing the tweet, Zach realized exactly who Sophia was.

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    But ultimately, Josh, I mean Zach, apologized for using a fake name. He didn't mean any harm by it.

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    Maybe his apology wasn't even, because it seems like he truly wasn't fooling ANYONE! Here's another customer who spotted "Josh" at Starbucks.

    Everyone on campus is freaking out because Steve Carrell is touring with his daughter, but I just sat across from Zachary Quinto at Starbucks

    Twitter: @stempc17

    Well, you can't say he didn't try.

    And for anyone's who's wondering, here's what Zachary Quinto ordered:

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