My Heart Broke A Little After Finding Out Yung Miami Wanted To Change The Way She Talks Due To Criticism — I Love Her Just The Way She Is

    "I can't disguise my voice even if I wanted to."

    Ever since the City Girls stepped onto the scene, they've taken the world by storm. From their style to their influential slang, Yung Miami and JT's presence continues to make an impact with every move they make.

    The City Girls posing together on the red carpet

    "Period" has become a term used in everyday conversation because of them — you can even catch it being said in global commercials.

    So, imagine my surprise when Yung Miami revealed in a recent interview with the Cut that she really wants to change how she talks.

    Yung Miami looking over her shoulder while on the red carpet

    "I really want to change the way I talk," Yung Miami told the Cut after being asked about her specific sound. "I just feel like it’s my accent."

    The "Good Love" rapper cites growing up in Miami for her distinct accent. "It’s my slang. I talk like my mom."

    Her slang and infectious personality were just two of the reasons why so many people fell in love with her and the City Girls.

    But Yung Miami, whose real name is Caresha Brownlee, admitted people looked down on her after hearing her speak. The negative connotations people placed on her accent sparked the idea for change.

    Miami performing onstage

    "A lot of people don’t understand it," Yung Miami added. "And they take it as being, like, illiterate or not being able to talk properly."

    "I always think about it. I’ll be like, I’m gonna do it, but I never followed through. I can’t disguise my voice even if I wanted to."

    Although it sucks that people made Yung Miami feel like she couldn't be her authentic self, I hope she continues to live unapologetically in her truth. The stamp she left on pop culture is already cemented in history.

    Caresha’s impact on slang is kinda crazy when you think about it, like—

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    Please check out this thread for receipts of her impact!

    To read more about Yung Miami, check out her full interview with the Cut.