People Are Sharing The Series Finales That Made Them Want To Throw Their TVs Across The Room, Call Their Repairman, And Break It All Over Again

    I can't believe this is how it ends!

    Earlier this month, Redditor u/Halloween-365 asked, "What television finale had the biggest bullshit finale?" And I can't tell you how fast I ran to those comments.

    1. Game of Thrones

    three characters sitting

    2. The Last Man on Earth

    3. How I Met Your Mother

    bride and groom walking down the aisle

    4. Pretty Little Liars

    woman bleeding at her shoulder

    5. Killing Eve

    woman kissing another woman on the cheek as they walk in the middle of the road

    6. Scrubs

    woman grabbing two men by the ears

    7. Merlin

    closeup of a man at a door frame

    8. True Blood

    a couple sitting in close to each other

    9. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

    10. Los Serrano

    closeup of two guys with arms around each other

    11. Westworld

    woman walking outside in the dirt

    12. Penny Dreadful

    two people in a lab looking at a scorpion in a glass jar

    13. The Mentalist

    closeup of two fbi agents

    14. Chuck

    people in a conference room looking at screens with people's mug shots

    15. The Big Bang Theory

    16. Santa Clarita Diet

    woman eating a hand

    17. Ozark

    two people in a van

    18. Quantum Leap

    19. Good Girls

    closeup of 3 women in painting aprons

    20. Veronica Mars

    two people sitting in chairs, one taking notes

    21. Vikings

    22. Sons of Anarchy

    biker gang

    23. Archive 81

    woman recording

    24. Supernatural

    two fbi agents

    25. Shameless

    two characters, one drinking beer

    26. New Girl

    the cast on a rooftop

    27. Lastly, Mr. Robot

    Okay, now I want to hear from you! Which TV finales did you absolutely despise? Let me know in the comments below!