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    Watching Wiz Khalifa Get Nervous About His Son's First Day Of School Will Warm Your Cold Soul

    "I'm super confident and nervous at the same time."

    Summer's almost over, which means a lot of people are preparing to return back to school or go to school for the first time.


    For rapper Wiz Khalifa, his son Sebastian "Bash" Taylor was getting ready for his first day of kindergarten.

    It all started with the hardest moment of all: getting out of bed. Wiz attempted to wake Bash up, but the 5-year-old was too busy trying to catch some last minute Zzz's.

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    "It's time to get up handsome, you got your first day of school today."

    Then came the pep talk. Once Bash was dressed and ready for success, Wiz continued to get him in the school spirit.

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    And finally, the send off. Wiz showed off his vulnerable side while admitting he was feeling a little nervous about his son going to kindergarten and taking the bus.

    "I'm super nervous and confident at the same time. I know I prepared him for this and he's more than ready to handle what's next. Love you Bash," Wiz wrote.

    But those nerves quickly settled after finding out day one of kindergarten was a success for Bash.

    Now that's the face of a super proud dad! Here's hoping day two runs just as smooth.

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