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Here's Why Will Smith's Thirst Pics Left Fans Laughing Instead Of Drooling

Well that escalated quickly.

Since joining Instagram, Will Smith has kept me amused and amazed by his creative content.

He recently put a twist on Man Crush Monday by celebrating himself. The 50-year-old actor posted a message he received from a fan, asking for more thirst content... he gave the people what they wanted.

Will shared several photos where he felt at his sexiest.

Alan Silfen / Via

Could you tell he was feelin' himself??

Jas David / Via

Well, I don't blame him because I was feeling it too!!

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

It's exactly the type of thirst I'd expect from a middle-aged man, and damn it, I appreciate it.

Alan Silfen / Via

But it's the last photo in his carousel that really made me lose it. Are you ready?!?

Talk about a plot twist!! Even his celebrity friends took notice:

Like Halle Berry:

Gabrielle Union:

And many, many more.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you successfully set a thirst TRAP!

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