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Which "Friends" Plot Lines Never Really Got An Ending?

The one where they didn't tell the whole story.

Fifteen years ago today, Friends aired its final episode after 10 hilarious seasons. After 10 years, sometimes things can go amiss, which is why we want to know if you ever felt like some of the series storylines were a little incomplete.

Maybe you're wondering what ever happened to Phoebe's alleged roommate Denise, who's mentioned in Season 6.

Perhaps you're annoyed that Joey and Rachel's relationship randomly happened and then was never spoken about again.

Or perhaps you just really, really, REALLY want to know what the heck went down when Chandler went all the way to Yemen to escape Janice.

Whatever it is, we want to know about it! In the comment box below, tell us which Friends plot line was left unresolved and it could end up in a BuzzFeed Community post or video.