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What's Something You Learned About College That You Wish You Knew As A Freshman?

Submit them here!

Entering college for the first time can be a real culture shock, but things tend to get easier as you move up a grade and eventually graduate.

So, I want to know what you learned about college as an upperclassmen or graduate, that you wish you knew as a freshman.

Maybe you realized early morning classes might give you free time later in the day, but they're a pain in the ass to go to.

Perhaps you realized you DON'T have to like your roommate.

Or maybe you learned that bringing a container with you to your dining hall is an easy way to save money on food AND a good way to keep you fueled during a late-night study session.

Submit the lessons you've learned about college in the box below, and yours could be chosen for a BuzzFeed post or video!