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Oct 18, 2017

What International Film Or TV Show On Netflix Should Everyone Know About?

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Not only has Netflix revolutionized the way we stream movies and television, but it also expanded our entertainment taste palates to projects we never knew existed.

Nehahalol / Via

And one of the greatest gifts Netflix gave me, besides their original content, was their "International" section. I know I'm not the only one exploring that tab, so we want to hear about all your favorite international films and series on Netflix.


Don't be shy! Here I'll go first: One of my all-time favorite foreign movies on the streaming service is Blue is the Warmest Color, hailing from France.

Wild Bunch / Via

And Terrace House has been my series obsession for the last few years. Think of it as a Japanese version of MTV's Real World, but literally with no script whatsoever.

Okay, now it's your turn! Give us Netflix international film and TV show recommendations below and yours could end up in a BuzzFeed post and/or video! And don't forget to tell us why they're you're favorite!