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    Posted on Jan 31, 2018

    People On Twitter Are Applauding Kim Kardashian For Getting Paris Hilton To Dress Like Her

    That's hot!

    If you've logged on to any social media platform this morning then you've probably seen the latest campaign for Kanye West's Yeezy Season 6, featuring Paris Hilton and others dressed like Kim Kardashian.

    While some people applauded the fashion brand's marketing strategy...

    He’s managed to wrangle outrage marketing without actually being offensive. People are just outraged at his campaig…

    Twitter: @aerincreer

    ...there were others who couldn't help but point out an ironic twist to Paris Hilton's role in the campaign.

    The fact that Kim Kardashian has her former boss who she used to organize closets for (Paris Hilton) all dolled up…

    Twitter: @JamesHarness

    For those who don't know, before Kim Kardashian created her own family empire, she used to work as Paris Hilton's personal assistant.

    20th Television

    And once the reality star began to get recognized as more than just Paris Hilton's plus-one, things got a little messy.

    Entertainment Tonight

    And although the two have since kissed and made up...

    @KimKardashian #Twinning in #YeezySeason6 👯 Love you gorgeous 💋

    Twitter: @ParisHilton

    ...Twitter refuses to forget how much the tables have turned. Here's what people are saying:

    @KimKardashian @ParisHilton From working for her to her working for you 😭

    Twitter: @Benjamin_fredd
    Twitter: @frnkhnrqz

    Kanye and Kris Jenner got every social media influencer, honey, model, and Paris Hilton to dress as Kim Kardashian…

    Twitter: @MorgBGreat

    Bro 😂 Kim done put Paris Hilton on HER payroll now.

    Twitter: @_DanielPorter

    So, whether you hate it or love it, we're just glad to see Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton not only looking good, but living good!

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

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