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This 4-Year-Old Will Literally Make You Re-Evaluate Your Entire Wardrobe

Gucci and graham crackers!

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Meet Kaui:

She's an adorable 4-year-old with an incredible sense of style.

Oh, and she's best friends with North West.

So, how did I stumble upon this little fashionista? Her mom Nikki runs an Instagram account dedicated to her two children, Kaui and her older brother Kingston.

While Nikki plays a role in picking out their outfits, the kids also like to get creative and choose their look themselves. Let's just say style must run in their blood.

But don't let her age fool you, this toddler will give you serious fashion inspiration in a matter of seconds.

Here are some of our favorite Kaui creations:

She's letting you know rompers will never go out of style.

And neither will stripes.

She turned a skirt into a dress and it looks fabulous!

And then she let loose by the lake.

If you're into a more relaxed look, don't worry Kaui's got you covered.

Including this comfortable tracksuit covered in bunnies.

And a ton of oversized sweaters.

But if it's too hot to wear an oversized sweater, substitute the look with a shirt.

And if all else fails, whip out your oversized denim jacket.

And for those who swear by the color black, you can try this look.

Can we have three cheers for chambray?

Or surprise yourself by throwing an unexpected color into the mix.

And don't forget about your accessories!

They have a way of making your outfit pop.

And shout out to graphic tees. A reminder that you're never too old to stand up for what you believe in.

Also, don't be afraid to mix patterns.

Well folks, we hope this trendy toddler brought a smile to your face and to see more of Kaui's looks, click here.

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