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10 Things This New Generation Wouldn't Believe We Did For Fun In The '90s

Those were the days...

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1. Hopscotch

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Premise: Draw numbered boxes in a connecting pattern. Then, toss a rock on a number and hop on one leg to that designated box. Then attempt to complete the entire hopscotch board after picking up the rock.

2. Blowing dandelion seeds

Morgan Murrell

Premise: It's pretty self-explanatory.

I don't know if it was because it felt like blowing out birthday candles or if we just liked seeing all the seeds drift off into the air, but it was cool.


3. Testing bulbous buttercups under our necks

Premise: Allegedly, if you held the flower under someone's neck and a yellow glow appeared, then it proved that person likes butter. It sounds weird, but it was fun.

4. Harassing truck drivers to blow their horn

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Premise: Position your arm in a 90-degree angle and move it up and down. This motion was supposed to mimic the actual motion truck drivers used when pulling their horn.

You would do it to any and every truck driver that you'd see. Not all would participate, but there were always a lucky few that would.

5. Wearing maple seed pods on our noses,

Premise: Peel open the pods and use the sticky residue inside to attach it to various parts of your body. The most popular were the nose and upper lip area.

Who didn't like sticking things to their body when they were younger?

6. Avoiding cracks

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Premise: If you step on a crack, you'll break your mother's back. At least, that's how the song went. So, avoiding cracks on the sidewalk at all costs was a must!

8. Hand games

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Premise: Some incorporated a song, while others were about testing your hand-eye coordination.

Popular ones included Slide, Miss Mary Mack, Double Double This This, and many more.

9. Classic card games

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Premise: It's pretty self-explanatory.

Forget playing solitaire on your phone or online poker — get with a group of friends and have a game night!

There are countless card games...probably some that I've never even heard of yet. Start with classic ones like War, Go Fish, Spit, Palace, Speed, Uno, Spades, Bullshit, and Spoons. You could even build a house out of cards.

10. Telephone...without an actual phone

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Premise: The first person in the group whispers a message to the person next to them. Then the message continues to get passed down until it reaches the last person. The point is to see if the original message matches the message the last person received.

Beware: There's always a person in the group who changes the message on purpose to mess everyone up!


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