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    15 Times Sarah Hyland And Wells Adams Melted My Ice Cold Heart

    If this is what modern day love looks like, sign me up, please!

    1. When they captured this pure moment together just three days after exchanging "I love you's."

    2. When Wells earnestly accepted his new role in the world, while Sarah made room for some potential changes in her last name.

    3. When they equally participated in constructing the sappiest IG photo and caption.

    4. When Wells made sure his IG comments stood out from the rest.

    5. When they turned protesting into a cute couple's activity.

    6. When their love inspired the horses to show some affection.

    7. When they made wearing matching outfits seem appealing.

    8. And again, when they wore coordinating outfits that even my imaginary bae wouldn't get sick of.

    9. When Wells proved "imperfections" are what make us perfect in your own way.

    @Sarah_Hyland What scar? I only see a total smoke show🤔

    Twitter: @WellsAdams

    10. When they understood that a couple that filters together, stays together.

    11. When they shared their cuddle session with the dog.

    12. When they got into character for Halloween...

    13. ...and Christmas.

    14. When they made their own Taylor Swift music video.

    Instagram: @

    15. And lastly, when they made kissing look like something out of a fairy tale.