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    Tiffany Haddish Details How Beyoncé Reacted After Seeing An Actress Flirt With Jay-Z


    Tiffany Haddish is doing what any of us would do if we became famous: trying to meet as many celebrities as possible.

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    And if it were a race, I'd definitely say she's winning. Just check out a few of the big names she's had the pleasure of meeting.

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    The Girls Trip star even got to meet the queen herself, Beyoncé. But it's what happened during their brief introduction that Tiffany can't stop talking about.

    In a preview for the premiere of UNCENSORED, Tiffany opened up about the time Beyoncé stopped a female celebrity from flirting with her husband Jay-Z.

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    Uncensored is a new series on TV One that allows some of Hollywood's biggest celebrities to tell their personal stories, unfiltered.

    The 38-year-old actress and comedian recalled attending a Jay-Z concert and then being invited to an afterparty, where she got to speak to the rapper. And that's where Tiffany sets the scene.

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    "I was talking to Jay-Z and there was another actress that was there...who was ALSO talking to Jay-Z."

    That's when Tiffany noticed the mystery actress began to get a little less verbal and a little more physical.

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    "She touched Jay-Z's chest."

    So, Beyoncé's mood basically went from cordial to cut a bitch.

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    "And Beyoncé came walking up like: 'Bitchhhhh!!!'"

    Okay, so the songstress didn't REALLY call the mystery celebrity a "bitch" but Tiffany said Beyoncé's walk did all the talking for her.

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    "She ain't say that. But her demeanor, her body, the way she walked up on her was like..."

    With a sprinkle of this:

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    "Get your hand off my man chest."

    Once Bey made it over to the actress, she had a conversation with her. But that when The Last Black Unicorn author admits things got a little blurry.

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    "Some other stuff happened, but I ain't gonna say nothing yet. But it's gonna be in these streets."

    You've said more than enough, Tiffany. More than enough.


    Watch the full preview below. And stay tuned for the Uncensored premiere on February 18 at 10 p.m. on TV One.

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