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16 Things You Should Probably Stop Saying About Bisexuality, As Told By Two Very Tired Bisexuals

Yeah, I'm gonna go ahead and shut that down right now.

1. “So, are you more straight or gay?”

2. “Why can’t you just make up your mind?”

3. “Everyone is a little bisexual!”

4. “Bisexuals are just greedy. They want the best of both worlds.”

5. “Bisexuals are just quirky straight people who want to be oppressed.”

6. “So you have a boyfriend and a girlfriend at the same time?”

7. “Bisexuality is a stepping stone to admitting you’re gay.”

Tristan from "Degrassi": "Miles is firmly on boys now"

8. “It’s just a phase. You’ll grow out of it.”

9. “Does that mean you’re down for a threesome?”

10. “You haven’t even been with a girl, so how do you know you like them?”

11. “Bisexuals are more likely to cheat — it’s just common sense.”

12. “If you’re bisexual, why are you dating someone of a different gender?”

13. “Men can’t be bisexual.”

14. “Most are just faking it for attention — they just use people to experiment and then go back to being straight.”

15. “You’re only bi because you haven’t met a real man. I bet I can make you straight.”

16. “Which one is better in bed?”


Really, that's what you're worried about?

We say all that to say: If you don't understand bisexuality, that's fine, but can you cool it on the creepy comments and questions? Please and thank you!