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Co-Parenting Can Be Hard, So We Want To Know How You Managed To Make It Work

Tell us here!

Parenting can be tough, even with two parents in the same household, but every single day, people around the world are finding ways to make it work.

And I want to hear how you're doing that, in hopes of sharing tips with other parents, particularly co-parents, to help them through. So, if you're co-parenting, what practices have you been using to ensure your child/children are experiencing a positive upbringing?

Conceptual image of co parenting — Two families sharing custody and parenting together

Maybe you worked out the perfect schedule to ensure your offspring has "equal" time with both parents.

Or perhaps you factor in a family activity once a month, so that your child/children get to experience you both together.

A screenshot of the family from The Wonder Years reboot

Whatever it is, I want to hear about it! Tell me all about your co-parenting tips, tricks, and solutions in the comments below and they may be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post and/or video.

And if you'd prefer to stay anonymous, feel free to submit your answers using this Google form.