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Tell Me About A Scene From A Kid's TV Show Or Movie That You Weren't Emotionally Prepared For

Tell me here!

Movies and television shows geared toward children are typically upbeat and full of laughter.


But every now and then, writers throw in curveballs that can turn a joyous series or film into a dark pit of despair.


For me, the scene that immediately comes to mind is from The Rugrats Movie when Tommy almost feeds his baby brother Dil to the monkeys.


This was basically me at 8 years old watching Tommy attempt to pour pureed bananas on his brother as hungry monkeys watched in anticipation.


I remember yelling, "Tommy, NOOOO," at the screen, thinking I could stop the human sacrifice from happening right before my eyes.

I mean, I know Tommy once said, "I don't want sponserbileries no more," but I didn't think he'd take things that far!


It haunted me for a minute, but thankfully Tommy came to his senses.

OK. Now I want to hear from you! Tell me in the comments about a scene from a kid's film or show that absolutely wrecked you.

Your response could be used in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video.