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Ellen DeGeneres Asked Taylor Swift If She Washes Her Legs In The Shower And Her Answer Has People Grossed Out

I did not see this coming.

Earlier today, Taylor Swift stopped by The Ellen Show for a rare sit-down interview.

And during that interview, Ellen DeGeneres asked Taylor a fairly simple question: Do you wash your legs in the shower?

Her response had me looking a little bit like this.

And Ellen seemed to agree with her leg-washing routine.

But I, a woman who does a FULL-body wash from head to toe every day with a bar of soap, was still confused.

Sounding a little unsure about her response, Taylor then asked Ellen, "So, that counts?"

The "Me" singer didn't quite agree with Ellen's assumption.

Whereas Ellen was just trying to piece together the information Taylor was giving her.

Taylor reassures Ellen..."kind of"...that she shaves her leg every day...

Ellen was shocked and didn't seem fully convinced, but decided to end the convo with a little humor.

Ellen then decided to take a poll on Twitter, which showed the majority of her followers DO wash their legs.

But that 25% led to a huge hygiene debate on Twitter. Some were in the same boat as me, wondering how you can shower and skip your legs:

@TheEllenShow Im confused isn’t the shower supposed to be the place where you wash EVERYTHING?!

@TheEllenShow Omg! Why would anyone not wash their legs in a shower

@TheEllenShow to the people that said no

While others were confused when shaving cream and soap became interchangeable:

Taylor Swift said “shaving cream is basically soap” so as long as she shaves her legs, she doesn’t need to wash them in the shower

Taylor Swift deadass said that she washes her legs in the shower because she uses shaving cream and that’s kind of like soap

How the hell do u not wash ur legs in the shower??? Huh?? U just stop after ur butt and that’s it?? Taylor Swift said she don’t wash her legs but she shaves them girl that is not the same thing wtf

Hmmm...well, you already know where I stand on the "leg washing debate," but now I want to hear from you.

And now that you're done with that, you can check out Taylor Swift's full interview on The Ellen Show below.

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