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    "Tall Girl" Star Ava Michelle Opened Up About Getting A Nose Job And Fans Applauded Her Transparency

    "Being insecure about something that's on your face is very hard."

    Tall Girl's Ava Michelle spoke candidly about getting a nose job for both medical and cosmetic reasons.

    closeup of Ava at an event

    On Monday, Ava shared a video to her Instagram detailing her emotional rhinoplasty journey, while explaining what led her to make that decision.

    "Ever since I was little, I’ve had an issue with breathing and my stamina, especially growing up as a dancer," Ava wrote. "It was thought to be sports induced asthma, but ended up being a deviated septum causing about 70% decreased airflow on my left side."

    A closeup of someone taking a nose swab of Ava

    "I’ve found that it’s effected my life more than I thought, and I am so happy to be able to BREATHE!!!"

    closeup of her

    Ava revealed that she developed a bump on her nose in her early teens that she didn't like. She knew it was something she wanted to change.

    closeup of her side profile showing the bump on her nose

    She admitted that her nose caused so much insecurity for her, that she would consciously avoid poses that captured her profile.

    closeup of her at an event posing straight to the camera

    "On a personal note, my nose has been something I’ve been insecure about for such a long time," the 21-year-old actor added. "And I really struggled with the thought of changing it."

    closeup of a doctor working on her nose

    "I felt ashamed that I wanted to change a part of myself as I am always talking about the importance of self-love. I’ve learned that I can still love every part of myself, while making this change for myself."

    closeup of her at an event

    Her biggest requirement for the nose job was authenticity. Ava didn't want a "perfect nose." Instead, she wanted her new nose to look as natural as possible.

    ava looking at her new nose with excitement

    "From having anxiety about surgery, to calling [Dr. Truesdale] on a Sunday because I was freaking out, to the INCREDIBLE results I could only dream of, I am so beyond grateful for this whole experience."

    closeup of her smiling with her new nose

    Fans flooded her comment section with supportive messages and applauded her honesty.

    comment left by a fan
    came here to say i was born with a bump and love my bump, if this make syou happy then hell yeah
    you are beautiful no matter what, we love the transparency as well, queen
    this what i call good plastic surgery, the change is subtle but huge at the same time (heart emoji)
    it's so wonderful you can breathe better! That ltnmust have been so difficult to have limited breathing when dancing on breath!"
    happy for you you are so beautiful before and after

    I love that she was able to do this for herself. So many negative connotations are associated with cosmetic surgery, especially when it's done for personal reasons instead of necessity. People should be able to do whatever they want with their bodies without fearing they'll be criticized for it.

    before and after pics of her nose, with a very subtle difference

    "For one, to be able to breathe is going to be great, but being insecure about something that's on your face is very hard."

    profile view of her nose before and after with the bump gone

    For more of Ava, check out her full post below: