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Different Ways To Prevent Your BFF From Becoming A Fuckboy Victim

Because once a fuckboy, always a fuckboy...#SorryNotSorry

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Best friends look out for one another. Whether you're reminding them of the kale stuck in their teeth or helping them prepare for a job interview, friendships are all or nothing.

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Breakups are no different. We all know love and lust can turn your brain into silly putty.

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They've made about 32 promises to you about not contacting the one who broke their heart, but it never actually sticks.

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And you start to question whether they're really hopelessly in love or just missing the D...

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Don't underestimate the power of "no!"

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Here's the many ways you can say "NO" to your BFF, depending on your tolerance level:

When you can still laugh at their crazy obsession by playfully telling them it's not a good idea.

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When they try to list examples of his positive attributes, but they all sound like BS.

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When they insist on returning crap back to their ex, but you know it might lead to a Netflix & Chill situation.

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When they desperately try to convince you that things will be different this time around.

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When you're lowkey fed up, but you still have to remain calm because that's your ride or die.

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When they start giving you scenarios and asking what you would say if you were in their shoes.

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When you actually have to excuse yourself from the situation, because the whole thing is just becoming too much.

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When they tell you they secretly got back together, but broke up again.

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When you literally want to shake the craziness out of them, because they just don't get it.

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Finally, if all of these don't work, just knock some sense in to know, the friendly way lol.

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Don't be scared, we know you mean well. Good luck!

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