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    Please Inject These Photos Of Joe Jonas Cradling Sophie Turner's Belly Into My Veins

    The it couple has arrived!

    Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner wowed on the 2022 Met Gala red carpet in more ways than one!

    Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner in matching outfits

    For tonight's theme "In America: An Anthology of Fashion/Gilded Glamour," the married couple wore black and white Louis Vuitton outfits that complemented each other so well.

    Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner on the red carpet

    But what I couldn't get enough of was the way they cradled Sophie's tummy in each photo. While we don't feel comfortable speaking on the pregnancy rumors until Sophie verbally confirms it herself, for now we'll say the two were all smiles as they took turns rubbing on Sophie's stomach.

    Joe Jonas standing with Sophie Turner, who's holding her belly

    I mean look at the way Willa's parents gaze into each other's eyes! Love is in the air, and it's oozing through every single photo I come across.

    Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner looking into each other's eyes

    I'll leave you with this final photo of them looking equally stunning and jovial.

    Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner standing together and smiling

    Happy Met Gala Monday!