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    Last Night's "Snowfall" Episode Has Me Stressed And Anxious, So Let's Talk About It

    My thoughts are all over the place!

    It's Thursday, so you know what that means: It's time for another Snowfall recap!


    Here's a quick rundown of what happened in Season 4, Episode 7 — "Through a Glass, Darkly." 🚨SPOILERS AHEAD.🚨If you haven't watched it yet, you might not want to keep scrolling.

    Last episode, we left off with Irene giving Alton an ultimatum to tell her about the CIA's connection to the drugs or she'd come after his family. This episode begins with Alton contemplating that decision.


    Alton is in a pretty sticky situation. On one hand, he obviously doesn't want to put his family in danger by snitching, but on the other hand, he knows the drugs are ruining his community, and he would do anything to get his family away from the business.

    I feel for him, because no matter what he decides to do, someone still ends up hurt in the end.

    Meanwhile, Leon is still looking for ways to honor his promise to Fatback while still maintaining his business in the projects, but Fatback's cousin isn't making it easy.


    While scoping out the projects, Leon ran into Fatback's fine-ass cousin Big Dion, who wasn't too pleased to see him. Not only did Leon unintentionally get Fatback killed, but Leon also hasn't had enough money to take care of the people in the projects. Big Dion sees them struggling and blames it on Leon.

    If that wasn't enough, Leon also has a $5,000 bounty on his head, dead or alive. But not just Leon, Leon and anyone connected to him. So Leon called on Jerome for help.

    As for Alton, snitching ain't easy, but somebody's gotta do it, right? So, he met up with Irene and sang like a canary.

    Alton and Irene sitting in a booth and talking

    Alton gave Irene the information she was looking for, with the promise that she'd keep his family out of her story, and she agreed.

    Jerome agrees to help Leon play peacemaker with Big Dion and his crew.


    Offering to pay Big Dion's crew double and take some of his younger crew members under their wing, Jerome is able to come to an agreement with Big Dion.

    Jerome threw a cookout to bring the sides together, and while they were there, Wanda tried to warn Leon about Irene fishing for information from Alton, but he was too preoccupied to listen. I thought Irene might tempt her for info, but Wanda's always been a real one, so she made sure to let Leon know first.

    After Alton gave Irene the info, she decided to celebrate with her ex-husband before the story published, but I think the show dropped clues about who she really is while doing so.


    Irene called on her ex-husband Henry to celebrate her big story before her paper published it. After hearing about things her family went through multiple times during this season and learning that she has a daughter, I think Irene is Tanosse's mom. I was desperately trying to find photographs of her with Tanosse whenever they showed Irene's house — although I didn't see any, I feel like they're working together to bring Franklin down.

    Back in Reed's neck of the woods, things haven't been going well for him mentally or financially since his brother died.

    The man Reed tortured tied to an overturned chair

    Reed has been looking to recover $15 million that was stolen from his private account. Avi had Reed meet with a banker who claimed it was one of her employees at a Panama bank who tried to steal his money, but she wouldn't give Reed any info about the employee. Reed decided to take things into his own hands and find the man himself. Reed tortured him until the police raided the room — Reed snuck away just in time.

    And while Irene was celebrating, Alton was forced to come to terms with his decision.

    Franklin and Alton arguing

    All hell broke loose when Cissy told Franklin about what Alton did. Alton believed he was doing what was right. He also thought that they could flee to Cuba like Assata Shakur and start fresh. Franklin was pissed! Not only did Franklin kick Alton out of the house and tell him to never refer to him as his son again, but then Franklin PISTOL-WHIPPED HIM!!!

    There ain't no turning back from that.

    In order to let off some steam, Franklin retreated to Tanosse's house, with her sneaky tail self.


    Tanosse helped Franklin unwind with a scalp massage and a hot oil treatment. While doing that, Franklin broke down into tears and told her that he thinks they're in real trouble.

    Little does he know, HE'S SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY!

    Finally, the episode concludes with Irene handing in her final copy of her report.


    If we thought things were already bad, it's definitely about to get 10x worse! At this point, I don't know who's going to make it to Season 5.

    Here's what fans had to say about last night's episode:


    Keep fighting Wanda... Stay clean! #SnowfallFX #Snowfall

    Twitter: @TheVegasHorn


    Snow fall be so intense it’s like when the episode go on commercial you catch yo breath #SnowfallFX

    Twitter: @Marc_NBS


    Not Unc with the shade to Aunt Louie #SnowfallFX

    Twitter: @sensaational_


    Teddy McDonald gone. That’s Reed now! #SnowfallFX

    Twitter: @shaiboyardee


    This how I looked the whole episode...........stressed as hell #Snowfallfx

    Twitter: @Krakoan4Life


    I don’t think Alton understands where Cissy’s loyalty lies. #SnowfallFX

    Twitter: @TheJessieWoo


    Different character, same opp. 🤦🏾‍♂️ #SnowfallFX

    Twitter: @DaKidGowie


    Alton: The Middle Passage...slavery, oppress... Franklin: #SnowfallFX

    Twitter: @theteaisbyme


    Unc Feels Betrayed Alton Conflicted Reed Losing it #SnowfallFX

    Twitter: @cordie750


    “My son’s name is Franklin Saint, who you can’t use” Reporter Irene Abe: #Snowfallfx

    Twitter: @TheReal_TWill


    I can’t unsee this 🥴😭😂. #SnowfallFX #Leon #Fatback #Rallo #ClevelandShow

    Twitter: @vDodun


    This is how I see that reporter lady every time she’s on screen #SnowfallFX

    Twitter: @JalenJColeman


    manboy when he saw “Leon” in the trunk. #SnowfallFX

    Twitter: @nottodayyoubum


    Now I know Wanda not trying to submit another job application to the trap house #SnowfallFX

    Twitter: @trisquire


    Franklin: I think we in real trouble, Tee Tee, an opp: #Snowfallfx

    Twitter: @_Mylito_


    manboy not being able to find leon is unrealistic this man not even hiding anymore #SnowfallFX

    Twitter: @loviesgalore


    Imagine you sleep, your light turns on and a random white man asks “did you take my money?” #SnowfallFX

    Twitter: @skinny_que


    I’ve never seen this many characters make this many poor decisions in one season #SnowfallFX

    Twitter: @lilloudsnack


    You know the storytelling and character development is TF good when you’re rooting for the CRACK KINGPIN. #SnowfallFX

    Twitter: @taliacadet


    That episode definitely had me stressed. #Snowfallfx

    Twitter: @Go_Nadz824


    When #SnowfallFX end I just gotta sit during the credits and decompress..cause man

    Twitter: @BoX_OfHOLES

    Be sure to watch Snowfall every Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET or stream it on Hulu the following day.

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