Seth Rogen's Worst Date Ever Left Him Crying At The Table – And To Make Matters Worse, It Was His Birthday

    "I wept into my truffle mac and cheese."

    Before meeting his wife, Lauren Miller, in 2004, Seth Rogen didn't have the best luck with women or dating.

    Seth and Lauren posing at a red carpet event for photographers

    This week, during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Seth opened up about his not-so-great dating history.

    Jimmy and Seth standing side-by-side and smiling for a photo on set

    "I was terrible," said Seth. "I was a bad dater. I had terrible experiences dating women."

    "And I think the women who dated me also did not have the best experiences.”

    But there was one dating memory that really stuck out to him, one he now refers to as "the worst." He was 20 years old, casually dating/hooking up with a woman who was a few years older than him.

    Seth thought it would be really special to take her out to dinner for his birthday and officially ask her to be his girlfriend.

    "I asked her around when the appetizers were arriving and she said no," admitted the Pam & Tommy star. "And then I started crying."

    And because they had just ordered their food and a birthday cake was expected to come out at the end of their meal, Seth felt like he had to stay at the restaurant, despite his embarrassment.

    Seth Rogen talking to Jimmy Kimmel

    "I had to sit there and this poor woman had to sit there with me as I wept into my truffle mac and cheese."

    Seth Rogen laughing while talking about his worst date ever

    So what did he learn from all this? "You don’t ask until the end of the meal," joked Seth.

    Seth Rogen and Jimmy Kimmel laughing together

    Dates can be hit or miss, but I'm glad he's able to laugh about it now.

    Besides, it all worked out in the end. After he began dating Lauren in 2004, the two eventually married in 2011. They've been each other's forever date ever since!

    Looking for more stories from Seth? Be sure to check out his full Jimmy Kimmel Live interview below:

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