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Sandra Oh And Her Family Proved Why "It's An Honor Just To Be Asian"

"Thank you beloved family."

Not only is Sandra Oh co-hosting the 76th annual Golden Globe Awards with Andy Samberg...

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Sandra is making history tonight by becoming the first person of Asian descent to host the Golden Globes.

...but she's also nominated for Best Actress in a Drama TV Series for her badass role in Killing Eve.

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So let's just say it's a pretty big night for our queen.

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Fans are already predicting she'll deliver a phenomenal performance as co-host.

Before the golden globes begin I’d like to pre-request that Sandra Oh delicately step on my neck; this is my review of the evening and it hasn’t even started

But no one gave her quite a confidence boost like her family, when they decided to wear matching shirts to show their support.

Thank you beloved family (ps—why are mom and dad not looking at camera?)

Oh and that "It's an honor just to be Asian" quote on their shirts? That came straight from Sandra during the 2018 Emmys.


Why yes, that is her adorable mother cheering her on.

And even though everyone didn't know where to look for the photo...

Thank you beloved family (ps—why are mom and dad not looking at camera?)

...they'll definitely know where to keep their focus tonight. Congratulations, Sandra Oh!

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