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    Rihanna Named Her New Shoe Collection "So Stoned" And I'm High Off Their Beauty

    You ready?

    When it comes to making powerful business moves, Rihanna is the ultimate boss!

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    The 29-year-old singer has concocted an ingenious formula to ensure her name stays in your mouth all year.

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    Seriously! In February, everyone lost it when she helped time pass at the Grammys by bringing a personal flask to the show:

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    And we're still obsessing over her in June after dropping the song of the summer, "Wild Thoughts," with DJ Khaled and Bryson Tiller.

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    Now, Rihanna is allowing fans to get stoned with her!

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    "So Stoned," that is. It's the name of her new shoe collection with Manolo Blahnik.

    She already gave fans a taste of the collection in the "Wild Thoughts" video.

    The limited-edition collection features four shoes ranging in price from $1,325 to $2,325.

    The sultry styles are embellished with colorful Swarovski crystals, hence the name of her collaboration

    Rihanna recently teased some of the collection on Instagram. Introducing Poison Ivy:

    And Spice:

    And of course, the Bajan Princess:

    Shoe lovers can get their hands on these sexy soles on July 6!

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    And fans are already excited about the shoes making their debut:

    I LOVE @rihanna 's #SoStoned @ManoloBlahnik collab. These ones 😍 No idea where I'll wear them, maybe to work? What…

    Twitter: @MeeraSharm

    Don't worry, you won't have to wait much longer:

    the only thing missing from my life is Rihanna's #SoStoned collection 😩

    Twitter: @CelinaTahsini

    Going out in style?

    Bury me in Rihanna's new Manolo Blahnik shoe collection #Shoes

    Twitter: @ShoesBeeA562

    Oh, and don't forget about her makeup line Fenty Beauty launching this fall. It's Rihanna season 24/7, 365!

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