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Thick Rihanna Was Trending And It's All Because Of This Sexy Festival Look

We are not worthy!

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If there's one thing Rihanna's familiar with, it's a fashion slay!

Tim P. Whitby / Getty Images

Honey's been serving up looks for as long as we can remember and they never disappoint!

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

And while you might be used to seeing her dominate on the red carpet or on stage, that doesn't come close to her festival style.

@Rihanna / Snapchat / Via

Rihanna attends an annual festival called Crop Over in Barbados, where she celebrates the history and culture of her beautiful island.

And this year she looked like a Bajan goddess, adorned with rainbow feathers and a turquoise wig that would even make Crayola proud.

@badgalriri / Instagram / Via

And while the 29-year-old singer was soaking up her rich roots, we've been obsessing over her costume:

@badgalriri / Instagram / Via

It honestly got to the point where we were afraid to blink, because it would mean we'd have to miss a second of this bomb ass beauty!

@badgalriri / Instagram / Via

And as if I didn't already feel spoiled by her sharing these memories, my soul damn near left my body when she decided to party to her own music:

@badgalriri / Instagram / Via

Like, seriously. How does this picture not make you smile?

247PAPS.TV / Splash News

Meanwhile, her thick thighs are still out here saving lives and she's living her best life.

And if you think we're obsessing a little too hard, you're probably right. We don't care though, because she practically broke the Internet yesterday.

Twitter: @FreddyAmazin

Seeing Rihanna in a good mood put other people in a good mood.

Watching Rihanna dance to her own verse on Wild Thoughts on her IG story just renewed my mind, body, and soul.

Twitter: @SylviaObell

She was basically all people could talk about.

Me:"Why is Thick Rihanna trending?" *sees pics*

Twitter: @WakeUpSooner

And stare at.

do u think rihanna knows how impressive her face is

Twitter: @SabrinaAnnLynn

And because we know you're eager to see more Fenty festival looks, check out how the "Wild Thoughts" singer slayed in the previous years:

Here's what she wore in 2011:

Splash News

And here's the bad gyal in 2013:

Primadonna / PRIMADONNA/GEMAIRA / Splash News

And finally, from 2015:

Sandy Pitt / Sandy Pitt / Splash News

Ha, Coachella who?

YouTube / Via

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