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Thick Rihanna Was Trending And It's All Because Of This Sexy Festival Look

We are not worthy!

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Rihanna attends an annual festival called Crop Over in Barbados, where she celebrates the history and culture of her beautiful island.

It honestly got to the point where we were afraid to blink, because it would mean we'd have to miss a second of this bomb ass beauty!

@badgalriri / Instagram / Via

And as if I didn't already feel spoiled by her sharing these memories, my soul damn near left my body when she decided to party to her own music:

@badgalriri / Instagram / Via

Meanwhile, her thick thighs are still out here saving lives and she's living her best life.

And if you think we're obsessing a little too hard, you're probably right. We don't care though, because she practically broke the Internet yesterday.


Seeing Rihanna in a good mood put other people in a good mood.

Watching Rihanna dance to her own verse on Wild Thoughts on her IG story just renewed my mind, body, and soul.

She was basically all people could talk about.

Me:"Why is Thick Rihanna trending?" *sees pics*

And stare at.

do u think rihanna knows how impressive her face is

And because we know you're eager to see more Fenty festival looks, check out how the "Wild Thoughts" singer slayed in the previous years: