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    People Are Losing Their Fucking Minds Over Rihanna's Fenty Beauty Ad

    Yasssssss, take all my money!

    Rihanna just dropped the official first advertisement for Fenty Beauty and it's EVERYTHING!!!!!

    Jason Kempin / Getty Images

    The first product fans can expect to obsess over is her new lip gloss, also known as the Gloss Bomb!


    Fans can also get their hands on her Shimmer Skinstick Match Stix. Check out some of their iconic names: Chili Mango, Confetti, Yacht Life, and Trophy Wife.

    But there's so many other reasons to love this ad, besides the the product itself. Like all the diversity our favorite Bajan Beauty fit into it:

    fenty beauty ad w a lot of poc. Amazing representation and not to mention an ea with monolids.... TAKE ALL MY MONEY

    @asianult / Via Twitter: @asianult

    And then there's the music, which will instantly make you feel like you're at a ball watching drag queens vogue for their lives!

    Seriously, I've replayed the videos about 14 times:

    The release date is sooo close and I'm freaking out, but I'm definitely not the only one:

    Me in my room, by myself, giving a tutorial with my Fenty Beauty products in front of my fake camera for the YouTub…

    @antifatima / Via Twitter: @ANTlFatima


    @lostinfenty / Via Twitter: @LostInFenty

    It was just ONE lipgloss that Fenty Beauty previewed and I'm over here like

    @xosmaurice / Via Twitter: @xosmaurice
    @styledtorock / Via Twitter: @styIedtorock

    I can't believe I have a week to learn how to be a MUA #FentyBeauty

    @blackcindy / Via Twitter: @bIackcindy

    on my way to sell my kidney for #fentybeauty

    @badg4rihanna / Via Twitter: @badg4lrihanna

    Guess who'll be buying #FentyBeauty even tho they don't know NADA abt makeup

    @swarovskitits / Via Twitter: @swarovskitits

    I don't know if I should chance shopping online for #FentyBeauty or pull up to @Sephora bright & early like

    @doseofjelly / Via Twitter: @doseofjelly

    Rihanna coming for kylie like: #FentyBeauty

    @agronveliu97 / Via Twitter: @Agronveliu97

    Fenty Beauty come out on the 8th Finna be broke I guess 🤷🏾‍♀️

    @bsosleazy / Via Twitter: @BsoSleazy
    @urihannafansite / Via Twitter: @URihannaFansite


    @crazyclarine / Via Twitter: @CrazyClarine

    im sorry but as soon as fenty beauty drops i do not want to hear a word about kim and kylie's ugly whitewashed make…

    @asianult / Via Twitter: @asianult
    @rihannalately / Via Twitter: @rihannalately

    Rihanna said matte lips are over I'm on my glossy shit now sparkle sparkle bitch! #FentyBeauty

    @beebabs / Via Twitter: @BeeBabs

    Me after I get Fenty Beauty whilst knowing nothing about make up

    @heyimbaejuh / Via Twitter: @HeyImBaejuh

    Everyone is praising #FENTYBEAUTY and the products are not out yet. Rihanna is on a league of her own

    @aomiraa / Via Twitter: @AoMiraa

    So, to guarantee you don't miss out on Rihanna's makeup debut, stop by a Sephora or Harvey Nichols to pick up your goodies. Or visit her website on September 8.