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    People On Twitter Are Calling "Riches" The Black "Succession" Because The Family Drama In This Show Is Wild

    Drama, drama, drama!

    I've never been the one to gatekeep, so let me put you onto a show that just might become your new obsession — I'm talking about the one and only Riches.

    Riches series poster

    Riches is Prime Video's new salacious drama about a Black-owned haircare empire that might come crashing down if the family that built it doesn't learn to work together.

    The Nigerian family in the middle of it all? The Richards. After Flair & Glory owner Stephen Richards unexpectedly dies, his family is left to clean up the mess. That includes his current wife, Claudia, and their three children, as well as Stephen's two estranged kids, Nina and Simon, from his first marriage. When Nina is announced as the new head of the empire, their worlds are turned upside down, leaving everyone vying for a piece of control.

    a man sitting and looking thoughtful

    Meet the family: Deborah Ayorinde stars as Nina, the eldest daughter and new proprietor of the Flair & Glory brand. Then there's Simon (Emmanuel Imani), her quick-witted, openly gay brother.

    One thing for certain, two things for sure: These two do not play about each other or their momma! I love their bond, and it's fun to see their relationship play out onscreen.

    This is Claudia (Sarah Niles). She's Stephen's widow and the mother of his other three kids. After Stephen left her their house in his will and nothing else, Claudia becomes hellbent on doing anything and everything to get back what she believes is rightfully hers.

    Claudia looking mad

    And then there are her kids: Alesha (Adeyinka Akinrinade), Wanda (Nneka Okoye), and Gus (Ola Orebiyi). Business deals would actually work in their favor if they could get along for five minutes without yelling at each other.

    Alesha, Wanda, and Gus sitting together

    Then throw in some supporting cast members whose loyalty is constantly tested, despite holding pivotal roles at the company, and you've got chaos, baby!

    If Succession and Greenleaf had a baby, and that baby was raised in the UK, it would be Riches!

    But don't just take my word for it. Here's what people on Twitter are saying about it:


    Now THIS is the kind of fun Black drama I enjoy. I was already excited because I saw Deborah Ayorinde and Sarah Niles on the cast but after episode one? Yeah, I’m onboard. #RichesOnPrime/#Riches

    Prime Video / Twitter: @willbewatchin


    The African aunties in Riches on prime that were complaining about the man's widow spending his money while drinking her champagne are sending me😅😅🤣

    Prime Video / Twitter: @Boboye_Ak


    #Riches #RichesOnPrime... I'm already ready for season 2. Amazon Prime, get to it! This show was GOOD.

    CBS / Twitter: @BMFluellen1


    Riches on Prime is giving everything it’s supposed to give.

    Twitter: @the_real_comfyy


    How can you put British, American, Nigerians, Caribbean, together and say you don’t want drama😂😂 love love riches on prime!

    Twitter: @abbietayo


    I actually really enjoyed #RichesOnPrime. It gave me Succession vibes a bit. Loved seeing all the Nigerian mannerisms and culture. It’s also gorgeously shot. The cast delivered. It was really such a fun show to watch. I’ll be here for season 2. #Riches

    Prime Video / Twitter: @Sexy_goddess01


    btw, #RichesOnPrime is a fun and sudsy watch. And @SarahNilestar is wickedly good as Claudia Richards.

    Prime Video / Twitter: @FilmFatale_NYC


    Timeline awake? Y’all need to watch #RichesOnPrime another show lead by a Black woman. This is messy Empire & Succession! Nigerian British & American characters. Soapy drama goodness. You need the fun, this is it. And everyone is fine as hell, especially @DeborahAyorinde

    Prime Video / Twitter: @sankofa_bird


    My goodness this is so freaking good. Yes, I binged and now I’m craving more #RichesOnPrime

    Twitter: @savvyjenjen


    Watching #RichesOnPrime. Black family drama. Evil stepmother. Intra-family secrets. British drama. Business intrigue. Shady employees. Fashion. Black hair care. LOVE ALL of IT!!

    Twitter: @BlackFangirling

    Have you watched Riches yet? If so, tell us your thoughts in the comments. If not, does it look like something you'd enjoy?

    Check out Riches, which is currently streaming on Prime Video.