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17 Things You Literally Just Won't Understand, Unless Pizza Is Your Best Friend

Pizza is life, bro!

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1. When regular presents just won't do:

2. When you depend on it to get you out of sticky situations:

3. When you've tried every original topping out there, so you decide to come up with your own masterpiece:

4. When your only truth is that you really love pizza:

And when it arrives: "I dare you to touch one of my slices."

5. When you left all your fucks behind as soon as you took the first bite:

6. When you begin to miss your best friend as soon as it leaves:

7. When it's become one of the few ways you can relax:

8. When you didn't choose the pizza life, the pizza life chose you:

9. When you finally get the hang of meal prep:

10. When you're finally honest with yourself about how you really spent your college days:

11. When this happens:

12. When you try your hardest to multitask:

13. When your best friend teaches you the importance of inclusivity and not discrimination:

14. When you finally thought you controlled your bratty side, but then the hunger kicks in:

15. When you twinning is your specialty:

16. When there's literally nothing that anyone can say to break you two a part:

17. And when someone tries to convince you to go to the gym, but you already have your priorities in order:

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