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    I'm Sorry, But Nobody Has More Big Dick Energy Than Rihanna

    Rihanna could poke an eye out with that thing!

    Big Dick Energy might sound like a new phrase someone on Twitter just came up with...and maybe it is.

    'big dick energy' is confidence without cockiness. it is never misplaced, and it cannot be simulated. it is the sexual equivalent of writing a check for $10K knowing you got it in the bank account thank you for attending my TEDxTalk

    Twitter: @imbobswaget

    BUT, BDE itself has been around for centuries and although this might be your first time using the term, I can almost guarantee this isn't your first time FEELING that Big Dick Energy.

    Pete Davidson might've ignited the social media conversation, but you'd be a fool to discuss BDE without mentioning the one celebrity who oozes it from head to toe: RIHANNA!

    I know what you're thinking, "Morgan, you know damn well Rihanna doesn't have a penis. How can she have Big Dick Energy?" Well, I'm glad you asked.

    Here's why Rihanna is the EPITOME of Big Dick Energy:

    1. Let's start with the obvious, baby girl is GORGEOUS! Her lips alone could start a volcanic eruption in your pants.

    2. But it's her confidence that really brings out her bulge. She can wear the most outlandish pieces and turn them into a casual slay. She makes the clothes, the clothes don't make her.

    3. Rihanna looks at fear like, "I don't know her." Do you know how many times she's left the club with wine glasses? A LOT, because no one would have the audacity to tell Rih Rih she can't do something?!

    4. Her BDE commands the attention of a room. During the NY premiere of Ocean's 8, press and the rest of the film's cast literally had to rush back to their spot on the red carpet because Rihanna finally showed up. Was she late? Yes. Did we care, NO! IT'S RIHANNA!

    5. She makes money moves! It's like every business decision she makes turns to gold — or platinum, if we're talking about her music.

    6. She inspires other to step their BDE up. Whether it's the way she lives her life unapologetically or the boss moves she continues to make, Rihanna has no problem showing off her BDE erection.

    7. And lastly, because Rihanna's Big Dick Energy is one of the few things women and men can easily agree on.

    No one on this planet has more BDE than Rihanna.

    Top Ten People with BDE: 10. It's 9. not 8. really 7. something 6. that 5. can 4. really 3. be 2. ranked 1. Rihanna

    But you knew this already, right?