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    Updated on Oct 25, 2019. Posted on Oct 22, 2019

    29 Best Friends Who Stopped Talking For Extremely Unforgivable And Ridiculous Reasons

    With friends like these, who needs enemies?

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community if they've ever stopped talking to or ended a friendship with a best friend. With over 150 responses, the answer was a resounding YES!


    1. The car accident chaos.

    "She sued me for a minor car accident we were in that happened two years earlier. She continued to pretend to be my friend for those two years until I was served."


    2. The wedding witch.

    "I stopped talking to a friend (who also happened to be my maid of honor in my wedding) because she made everything about HER at all times. The last straw was, the morning of my wedding, when I listened to her bash the town I was getting married in and had to hear her talk about, 'When I get married, I will do this, and I would never do that," all day long. Yo, girl, just let me have ONE day!"


    3. The borrowed bucks.

    "She borrowed $20 and never returned it. Yup, that's it."


    4. The promised prom date.

    "My ex-best friend and I were as close as could be. He and I were practically brother and sister. He was a year younger than me and my senior year he told me he wanted to take me to his junior prom as a friend. In a matter of two days, he claimed he didn’t want to take me anymore, because I wasn’t cool enough to sit with his table, and that I was 'kind of awkward for people to be around.' We haven’t talked since that day."


    5. The necklace nabber.

    "My best friend borrowed, without asking, a diamond pendant my grandmother gave me. When I met up with her and friends at a bar, I saw her wearing the necklace. I ripped it off her neck and went home to pack my stuff. I moved out that weekend. She was always asking to borrow it and I kept telling her no — that it meant too much to me, so for her to just take it made me see red. I never spoke or talked to her again, despite her pleas."


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    6. The film flop.

    "She told me she couldn’t go see Avengers: Infinity War with me the day of, after I bought the tickets over a month before."


    7. The pee party.

    "When I was 14, I was skateboarding with my best friend. We crashed into each other and he landed on top of me. It made me laugh so hard that I peed my pants a little. It mortified me. I ran home and didn't end up talking to him for 6 months. I couldn't face him!"


    8. The father fallout.

    "She saw some late night texts on her dad's phone from me. Her dad is my boss and we hooked up once."


    9. The bestie block.

    "She belittled me damn near every day, once cornering me in my room demanding that we worked some issue out. She was abusive and when I had the chance, I blocked her on everything, and didn’t look back. Her behavior left some pretty bad emotional wounds."



    10. The Finsta feedback.

    "She never liked or commented on my Finsta posts!"


    11. The relationship renege.

    "When I was younger, my best friend had a crush on the guy I would eventually end up dating. About a year after she first liked him, she found out he liked me and REALLY encouraged me to date him. But after we started dating she slowly stopped talking to me until we were basically strangers. That boyfriend is now my husband, so there’s one happy ending at least!"


    12. The rude roommate.

    "We were best friends our first year of college and decided to live together. The night before classes first started sophomore year, she kicked me out to 'entertain' a guest until 3 a.m. She continued to have guests almost every night, and would either not let me come back until wee hours of the morning or would kick me out completely. I eventually moved out. I'm just glad it’s not my problem anymore."


    13. The social media screwup.

    "My BFF, a mother of 2 at the time, stopped talking to me after I posted on Facebook that a crying baby was giving me a migraine at the mall. Apparently, my FB post meant I hated mothers because she also blocked me. I was shook. We haven't spoken since."


    14. The room remover.

    "My BFF and I were moving into the same college house on campus. I arrived early (I was a house RA) and set up my stuff in one room, then went to work. I came home later and she was there with her mom, moving all of my stuff into a smaller room. I was pissed. I called housing, they transferred me into another house and the rest is history. We never talked again. So stupid."


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    15. The fake friend.

    "I lied and said I had a boyfriend. I told my BFF his name was Eric Schmashmimer and I even made him a Facebook. Then she started talking to him on Facebook and tried to steal my fake boyfriend!"


    16. The mean messenger.

    "My former best friend created a group chat, sent terrible voice notes insulting me and my mom, and continued to insult me through text. Later on, she called me and stated that she felt sorry for what she did, but only after her mom told her that she had to apologize. I accepted her apology, but also made it clear that we weren't friends anymore. I’m not sure how long it’s been, but I’ve been great without her."


    17. The cat cause.

    "I actually canceled two friendships over them questioning my choice to medicate my cat, rather than have him put down. He has kidney disease, which is totally manageable."


    18. The copy cat.

    "I stopped speaking to a friend of 12 years after she got weird and stalker-ish. It was like she wanted to infiltrate every part of my life and almost become me. She obsessed over friends of mine she didn’t even know. Got pissy when I didn’t invite her as my plus one to their wedding. When it got to the point I was on Diazepam just to be able to deal with her, I knew I had to get rid and cut her out my life. Ten years later and I regret nothing."


    19. The office outcast.

    "I recently stopped speaking to a best friend after I found out she lied to our entire workplace about her 8-month-old son having terminal lung cancer. I confirmed with her fiancé that their son isn’t sick at all. Who lies about something like that? Did she just forget that I know her fiancé and her family?!"


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    20. The ridiculous rumor.

    "I didn't talk to a friend for over 10 years, because someone erroneously started a rumor that I was dating the guy she was dating. I was totally crushing on him for quite a while, but he liked her. The whole thing was so awkward, I just stopped talking to her altogether. Teens can be dumb, am I right?"


    21. The religious recall.

    "We were raised in a very rural Southern community and had been best friends since we were about six years old. I moved away in my early 20s, but we always kept in touch. A few years later, my mom passed away and I converted to Judaism. Soon thereafter, I experienced some anti-Semitic comments from people in my hometown. When I pointed them out, she accused me of trying to play the victim card against people who weren’t as liberal as I was. We haven't spoken since, thus ending a nearly 40-year friendship."


    22. The Febreze freakout.

    "We roomed together in college. The last straw was her coming back from midnight Zumba and spraying her smelly self down with Febreze, instead of showering, because she didn’t want to throw off her shower schedule."


    23. The dance debacle.

    "Senior year, we went to a school dance, and my BFF hooked up with a mutual friend. They left me alone at the dance (she was my ride), my purse got stolen, and I had to borrow a quarter from a chaperone teacher to call my mom to come pick me up. She was so 'in love" that she didn't even call me for a week. We didn't talk for three years, until I awkwardly ran into her at a store. I don't think we'll ever be as close."



    24. The divorce decision.

    "My BFF growing up had an older brother that married an older sister of a mutual friend of ours. The marriage ended in flames fairly quickly and her family refused to even speak with people that didn't take their side. She didn't appreciate me trying to stay neutral. When I told her that was ridiculous for many reasons, she said our friendship was over."


    25. The invitation incident.

    "I didn’t invite her to my wedding. Long story, short: I invited her to my bridal shower/baby shower, but she didn’t show, after RSVPing that she would go. I didn’t even hear from her when I had my baby. I miss her, but I don’t deserve a friend that can’t be there for me the way I'm there for them."


    26. The jealous jab.

    "I haven't talked to my former best friend of over 10 years because she told me she was jealous of me and that's why she didn't congratulate me on getting married. She shared she always imagined she'd get married first and have a family before me, and couldn't stand that I got that first. It really upset me that she felt our lives were a competition. We still talk but very rarely. We've become basic Facebook friends now."


    27. The ghosting grudge.

    "I once had a best friend that straight up ghosted me and when I finally asked weeks later what the issue was she said, 'I thought you’d get the hint by me not responding but I can’t be friends with you anymore because you are too negative about life.' Unbeknownst to her or anyone, I was battling major depression and anxiety and just started on medication."


    28. The concert confusion.

    "I stopped talking to my friend because I was supposed to go to a concert with him, but he sold his ticket last minute without telling me. I was stuck with one ticket and no one to go with."


    29. The drug disaster.

    "My best friend of seven years and I stopped talking because we were supposed to chill after not seeing each other for five months. Instead, she decided to hang out and do acid with other people. I got salty and she didn’t reach out for weeks, so I stopped sharing my location with her and decided to move on."


    Did you and your BFF stop talking for awhile or forever over something ridiculous? Tell us all about it in the comments below.

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