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    Here's Why Rachel McAdams Was Perfect For "The Notebook"

    Damn, she's good!

    Okay, all my romance film lovers, can we talk about The Notebook really quickly?

    After reading the book, loving the movie, and discovering surprising facts about the characters, I thought I'd fulfilled my duty as a fan.

    But somehow I managed to go 13 years without viewing Rachel McAdams auditioning for the role of Allie with Ryan Gosling!

    Seeing her face quiver gave me chills.

    And watching her express multiple emotions in a matter of two sentences was amazing.

    Seriously, what is she trying to do to me?!

    Her raw acting talent will have you reaching for tissues in no time. Don't believe me? Watch the video below and see for yourself:

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    New Line Cinema / Via

    So, if you were wondering how Rachel beat out Britney Spears, Reese Witherspoon, and Jessica Biel for the role...this is it.