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"Pose" Had An Epic Season 2 Premiere And Fans Definitely Took Notice

"Pose is such a crazy rollercoaster of emotion. Sorrow. Ridiculousness. Anger. Joy. Discovery. Violation. Rage. Bliss. Fear."


Showing off her voguing skills. #PoseFX

Pose returned for its second season last night and the premiere didn't disappoint. Set in 1990, the premiere was filled with powerful messages about how the AIDS epidemic impacted LGBTQ communities, historical references about the origins of Ballroom culture and Vogue, and fashion looks for the GAWDS!

Macall Polay/FX

From a heart-wrenching opening monologue about the bodies buried on Hart Island to the important friendships blossoming in House of Evangelista, fans couldn't get enough of Pose's Season 2 debut.


Some fans were extremely appreciative of how co-creator Steven Canals used authentic stories to create fictional entertainment:

A @PoseOnFX fact: ACT UP! (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power) was formed in 1987 in response to social neglect, government ngeligence and the complacency of the medical establishment. Thank you @actupny for using your voice when the government was silent. #PoseFX

I must tip my hat to the fabulous @StevenCanals. Before we even get to the intro.. I’m sobbing. Moving to LA when I did, I regularly returned to NYC to the news of friends passing and having nowhere to pay my respects. #PoseFX honors them.

#PoseFx Literally had Billy Porter deliver a monologue that made clear the history of Vogue from Ballroom’s perspective, while the ICON Jose Xtravaganza performed in the middle of a Ballroom floor, while Madonna’s “Vogue” played in the background. Can yall appreciate that?!

Brings tears to my eyes thinking about how #PoseFX is introducing queer and trans Black and Brown young kids to the history of folx like them.

I’m in awe of @PoseOnFX. Teaching the history of the community, giving us characters to relate to, paying homage to the ones that came before us. I just WHEW I’m emotional because the beauty of the ballroom scene is on the main stage.i love y’all for real #PoseFX

Loving the Angel scene’s nod to Octavia St. Laurent’s model dreams in Paris Is Burning #PoseFX

There are so many untold stories about how we as trans women are violated and manipulated in our quest to better our lives. This Angel storyline is so powerful. #posefx

I’m so happy they put Jose Xtravaganza in this episode of #POSEFX One of the original dancers in the Vogue music videos and a legend in the ballroom scene

#PoseFX ‘s representation of the AIDS crisis sends actual chills down my spine. Thank you for such a raw and honest depiction of what it was like. I stand here privileged to be HIV+ in this day and age, and thankful for my brothers and sister who fought for me ➕

There are so many musical genres we would not have without the black and brown queer community. SO many dance crazes. So much vernacular. Pose is highlighting all that shit. ALL. THAT. SHIT. #PoseFX

While others couldn't get enough of the comedic perfection and unforgettable scenes:

Cis straight white people when they find out that Madonna didn’t invent voguing... #PoseFX

me watching Elektra meltdown for being called out on her shit and knowing full well I'm gonna stan for her ass anyway #PoseFX

@dyllonburnside "What was Ricky doing on tour?" "Everybody" @PoseOnFX #PoseFX

sick and tired of these white men taking advantage of angel #PoseFX

Elektra gave a performance, with extras, and a GUILLOTINE, only for her ass to be read to filth by Prey Tell... i have to laugh , #PoseFX

Angel’s tears just broke my heart. But everyone deserves a Blanca + Papi combo. Someone willing to two piece motherfuckers who try you. ❤️ #PoseFX

Papi and that photographer #PoseFX

#PoseFX Photographer: I've seen you at piers. Angel:

Me every time Papi looks at Angel with heart eyes. (If they don’t end up together I’m suing) #PoseFX

Camp. This is camp. #PoseFX

This is gonna be me next Communion Sunday #PoseFX

#posefx electra didn't have to flip the table or read the ENTIRE house of Evangelista like that but yes for that dramatic exit...

#PoseFX is such a crazy rollercoaster of emotion. Sorrow. Ridiculousness. Anger. Joy. Discovery. Violation. Rage. Bliss. Fear.

Now that’s how you do a season premiere #PoseFX 👏🏾

For more Pose, catch new episodes every Tuesday at 10 p.m. on FX.

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