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    Sorry, But If You've Fallen In Love With A TV Show In The Past 10 Years, Then You Probably Won't Want To Read This List

    This list is about to offend a lot of, A LOT!

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which main character from a TV show kind of sucked, and their responses didn't disappoint!

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    Here are just some of the surprising responses:

    🚨Some submissions contain series spoilers.🚨

    1. Archie Andrews — Riverdale

    The CW

    "As a character, he doesn't have much depth. He's the least interesting main character and consistently makes the worst and most predictable decisions. He's also a hothead who always seems to make situations worse."

    Jaladhi Patel

    2. June Osborne — The Handmaid's Tale


    "After Season 1, she just sucks the life out of The Handmaid’s Tale with her impulsivity and rash decisions. She's the literal definition of 'frustrating.'"


    3. Jim Halpert — The Office


    "The more I watch it, the more I dislike his character. He is a bully to Dwight. He treated Karen like shit — remember when he didn’t want her to live on the same street as him?! That was ridiculous. He yelled at Pam because she didn’t record a recital on her phone properly when he was just pushing his insecurities of not being there on her. He should have been straight up with her instead of trying to keep the truth from her."


    4. Jane Villanueva — Jane the Virgin

    The CW

    "Her ‘holier than thou' attitude really grated on me from the beginning. It came off that she could do no wrong and that she was the golden child, so by Season 3, I was waiting for Petra to sucker punch her!"


    5. Zack Morris — Saved by the Bell


    "This list can't exist without Zack Morris on it. Zack Morris is trash!"


    6. Hannah Horvath — Girls


    "Most of the supporting cast was great, and it was interesting to see their development during the show, but dear lord, the protagonist goes from bad to horrible — no growth whatsoever."


    7. Xander Harris — Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    The WB

    "Xander in the first few seasons was always whining about how he's in love with Buffy and how she never sees him as anything other than a friend, but he never really makes any effort to change her mind. Not to mention, he would always get in the way when Buffy was fighting the bad guys. Dude, she's stronger, faster, and smarter than you — just stay out of her way!"


    8. Lady Mary Crawley — Downton Abbey


    "She was horrible, mean, and petty, especially to her sister Lady Edith."


    9. Dr. Gregory House — House


    "I love the medical cases and the supporting cast, the energy between his three associates, the amazing Lisa, and his BFF who is always dating someone, but god, House himself is insufferable. There were so many times where it went beyond the point of the show. I started to get upset FOR the fictional patients!"


    10. Brooke Davis — One Tree Hill

    The WB

    "I didn’t like her until the later seasons, when she became an adult. Once I watched seasons 5 and 6, it really helped me understand her choices more, as well as her as a character overall."


    11. Ted Mosby — How I Met Your Mother


    "The entire cast of How I Met Your Mother is selfish — a horribly defective group of human beings who somehow get everything they want. Special shaming for Ted, who I believe played a big part in the normalization/rise of the 'nice guy' variety of garbage male.

    "Except you, Marshall. You’re (mostly) cool. Just stop enabling Lily’s crap."


    12. Devi Vishwakumar — Never Have I Ever


    "I've never hated a main character that much; I didn't make it to Episode 3. She was insanely selfish, impulsive, and unnecessarily unkind to her family and friends. She felt like all the stereotypes of the 'dumb/rebellious' teenager rolled into one."


    13. Sherlock Holmes — Sherlock


    "The show treats him like he's some otherworldly genius, even though he's just an asshole. Also, I'm never gonna forgive the show for having the solution to a murder be a goddamn boomerang. Sherlock's explanation for that murder was so dumb, yet they portrayed it as sexy. Gag!"

    Nisha M

    14. Michaela Pratt — How to Get Away With Murder


    "I loved her at the beginning, but when she got Simon (a gay guy) deported to his home country, where being gay was illegal, I just couldn’t look at her the same way. The murder aspect of the show was fine for me, but that's where I drew the line."


    15. Jeremy Gilbert — The Vampire Diaries

    The CW

    "He was just so annoying and whiny all the time. Did I mention, he cheated on Bonnie with a literal ghost?! I was happy when he was killed off, but I also knew he would come back."


    16. Callie Torres — Grey's Anatomy


    "I actually hated Callie. She acted like an unprofessional passive-aggressive ass on so many occasions, but I disliked her the most in that episode where she is getting sued. I know she was a victim of bad writing, but she let a patient dictate what kind of hip replacement he got without any research, she was communicating with the manufacturers by text, and she let her personal life and pride get in the way of treating her patient."


    17. Ragnar Lothbrok — Vikings

    History Channel

    "I really liked him in the first season, but in the following two seasons, he turned into a major asshole. I was so frustrated about his character development that I stopped watching the show entirely."


    18. Andrea — The Walking Dead


    "She was SO annoying and thought she knew everything just because they trained her with a gun. I was so glad she died."


    19. Michael Scott — The Office


    "I love Steve Carell, but I cannot watch an episode of The Office without feeling uncomfortable because of something seriously creepy that the 'World’s Greatest Boss' has said or done."


    20. Claire Fraser — Outlander


    "I’ve watched every season at least twice and I LOVE the show. I get that she’s the star and it’s her tale, but Jesus, 90% of the trouble they end up in is because she is stubborn, self-righteous, and wrong!"


    21. Jeff Winger — Community


    "He is the epitome of a mediocre, straight white male being put on a pedestal when he really had nothing to offer. Literally every other character on Community was more compelling than he was, even Pierce's super-problematic ass. Every moment Jeff wasn't onscreen, I forgot he even existed...until the writers shoved him back down our throats, trying to convince us he was handsome and cool."


    22. Hailey Upton — Chicago P.D.


    "Personally, I like her, but she can get on my nerves. A lot of people who watch that show hate her. She needs to work out her problems."


    23. Jenny Schecter — The L Word


    "She started off as a somewhat relatable character, but as the series went on, she became absolutely unbearable. By the second season, I started despising her so much that I would fast-forward the scenes she was in. Sorry, Jenny, I don't care what's going on in your life. Let's get back to Shane, Alice, and Bette! It's clear that by the final season, the writers were making her awful on purpose, but it still bothered me to watch her almost ruin the show."


    24. Jon Snow — Game of Thrones


    "I’m prepared to be annihilated for this one, but come on, he was just playing Ned Stark 2.0 in cosplay, and not even a good one — the Wish version! His absolute black-and-white way of viewing the world just did not fit into the world of the show. Jon Snow in the books is cunning, manipulative, and incredibly smart. He’s even funny in the books. But In the show, what did we get? A duty-bound, whitewashed hero who had to be absolutely pure, no gray areas at all. I adore Jon in the books, but in the show, I want to set him on fire."


    25. Carly Shay — iCarly


    "She was a terrible friend to Sam, Freddie, and Gibby. She was rude to most of the people in her building and rarely listened to what Spencer had to say unless it involved her."

    Mermaid Queen

    26. Finn Hudson — Glee


    "Rachel isn't a great character, but going back and watching it, I remembered Finn being better than he actually was. I mean, the homophobia toward Kurt in the episode with the room, where he refused to stand up for Kurt because he wanted to keep his reputation, was horrible. Finn was also such a fucking hypocrite with the whole cheating situation. You'd think he'd be better with that, since he personally knew how much cheating hurt. Everyone always says Rachel, but Finn really wasn't great, either."


    27. Selina Meyer — Veep


    "By Season 6, she had gone from being a charming asshole to being a straight-up cruel and ridiculously self-centered cartoon. Her interactions with Katherine stopped being funny, and her entire response to the death of her mother almost made me stop watching the show entirely."


    28. Nicholas Brody — Homeland


    "He's one of the shittiest characters to ever be in a TV show. I only stuck around to see how it ended, and then it just kept going and going and going. I gave up halfway through, I think by the third season."


    29. Carrie Bradshaw — Sex and the City


    "She's so shallow, hollow, entitled, and materialistic."


    30. Jack Shephard — Lost


    "Huge ensemble cast, and he got the most screen time by far, despite being one of the least interesting characters. He had such a hero complex that got annoying really quickly."


    31. Skyler White — Breaking Bad


    "Excuse me, but how in the world is Anna Gunn as Skyler White not on this list? I grew to absolutely despise her. She was bad from Episode 1 and grew worse until the end of it all."


    32. Wade — The Unicorn


    "The other characters are amazing and funny, but he just comes off as a petty, whiny man-child."


    33. Pam Beesly — The Office


    "She was a bully! She made Jim give up a dream job that was good for the family in order to sell paper again and play pranks on Dwight. I didn’t realize this until I rewatched the series on Netflix — soon, I started disliking her more and more."


    34. Alaric/Professor X — Legacies

    The CW

    "He is so whiny and annoying. Alaric is one of those characters who were on the show way past when they were interesting. He should have stayed dead after The Vampire Diaries Season 3. Plus, the actor is racist and responsible for numerous problematic tweets that he has yet to be held accountable for. Hope, Josie, and Kaleb are carrying that show right now. I hope they get more screentime."


    35. Bonnie Bennett — The Vampire Diaries

    The CW

    "She is so critical — always dictating what is right and what is wrong. She judges everyone, and yet she only knows ONE spell!"


    36. Barney Stinson — How I Met Your Mother


    "He’s a boorish ass who clearly doesn’t respect women and doesn’t fit into the group. It’s completely unbelievable that women would find him attractive."


    37. Clara Oswald — Doctor Who

    BBC Studios

    "While she had great chemistry with both Eleven and Twelve, her whole character arc became too convoluted. I wish they had written her off a lot sooner."


    38. Ross Poldark — Poldark


    "I like the show a lot because it's a beautiful and dramatic story. But he is honestly the most frustrating protagonist I've ever encountered. Ross constantly ignores the advice of his wife and friends — who are usually right — and somehow gets away with it."


    39. Elizabeth Keen — The Blacklist


    "People have been complaining about her for years, but I was fine with her until this season. She's been gone for most of the episodes, and I haven't enjoyed the show this much in years. I tried rewatching some older episodes to compare, and I think I finally see it. Elizabeth is wishy-washy and whiny. Every choice that she makes is the wrong one. I hope she never comes back."


    40. Tori Vega — Victorious


    "Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE the show and all the other characters, but she didn't really have many redeeming qualities. Tori got annoyed very quickly at her friends and anyone else who didn't agree with her opinions. She was also quite boring and KISSED A GUY WHO HAD A GIRLFRIEND! I do love Victoria Justice, but Tori was probably the worst character I think she has ever played."


    41. Emma Swan — Once Upon a Time


    "She was just such an entitled character who was frequently in the wrong but would always paint herself as a victim. I wanted to like her...but she never even gave me a chance to try."


    42. Dr. Jason Bull — Bull


    "The main character is insufferable, and somehow everything always goes perfectly his way. I know the actor is problematic, but the character’s really not that great, either."


    43. Nancy Botwin — Weeds


    "You want to root for her, but she's so manipulative and selfish."


    44. Joan Clayton — Girlfriends

    The CW

    "Her character is selfish, whiny, self-centered, and obsessed with having a boyfriend/husband. There's no substance to her."


    45. Gina Linetti — Brooklyn Nine-Nine


    "She has a way of making everything about her, regardless of how other characters were treated, and she's rarely called out on it. Don't get me wrong, Gina is a fun character in small doses. The show never calls out how she harasses Terry on a regular basis, even though it explores themes like racial profiling and gender-power imbalance. And it’s even worse when you realize what Terry Crews has been subjected to in his career."


    46. Darrin Stephens — Bewitched


    "He was a stick-in-the-mud jackass who treated Samantha horribly anytime something didn't go his way. I get that he was the driving device behind a lot of the plotlines, but he was so insufferable and couldn't let Samantha enjoy anything without berating her about witchcraft (unless it benefited him). Every single episode he'd call her and say, 'Surprise! I'm bringing home a client tonight in two hours. Whip up a delicious gourmet meal for everyone, but don't use any witchcraft or I'll yell at you!'"


    47. Debra Morgan — Dexter


    "There has never been a more hypocritical person on a TV show than Debra Morgan. I would mute the TV whenever she was around. I had to wait till the very last episode of the series, but when she died, I rejoiced!"


    48. And Finally, Sabrina Spellman — Chilling Adventures of Sabrina


    "I've never found a main character so insufferably annoying before her. Every decision she made in the first season was stupid and reckless, and yet she never took any responsibility for her actions. I got through the first season but just gave up entirely an episode into the second season."


    Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity. Not all submissions were from Community users.

    Did you have a character in mind who didn't make the list? Let me know in the comments below!