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    30 First Date Stories From Hell That Will Make You Proud To Be Single

    "There he was, hanging from the bathroom window trying to escape."

    Jimmy Fallon encouraged his followers to tweet him about their worst first date...

    It's Hashtags time! Tweet out your funny or embarrassing first date story and tag it with #WorstFirstDate. Could be on the show!

    Twitter: @jimmyfallon

    ...and he even shared a personal experience of his own to break the ice.

    After that, it didn't take long for the disastrous responses to pour in:

    1. The blind date.

    2. The relative.

    3. The text fail.

    4. The visit from Casper.

    5. The olfactory oops.

    6. The popcorn pest.

    7. The driving dirtbag.

    8. The celebratory disaster.

    9. The mommy issues.

    10. The bathroom bastard.

    11. The grandma goose chase.

    12. The fish fiasco.

    13. The unwanted space.

    14. The unexpected move.

    15. The sushi setup.

    16. The ticket trick.

    17. The bunny bozo.

    18. The mistaken identity.

    19. The double date.

    20. The disaster date

    21. The wishful waiter.

    22. The lucky asshole.

    23. The panty raid.

    24. The judgmental jerk.

    25. The celebrity crash.

    26. The edible eyes.

    27. The douchebag drop off.

    28. The bathroom barf.

    29. The pee puddle.

    30. And the one that ended in marriage.

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