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    17 People Admitted To Being The Toxic One In The Relationship And It's Heartbreakingly Honest

    "It's me. Hi. I'm the problem. It's me."

    All relationships have their ups and down, but sometimes the hardest part can be recognizing the problems you caused within that partnership.

    a couple sitting on opposite ends of a couch with their arms crossed

    So we recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to let us know when they realized they were consciously or unconsciously creating issues within their relationship, and they were heartbreakingly honest:

    1. Consciously Controlling

    2. Ticking Time Bomb

    3. Toxic Flames

    4. Self-Sabotage

    5. Fighting For More

    6. Family Feud

    7. Power of Persuasion

    8. Insecure

    9. Always Annoyed

    10. Spoiled Rotten

    11. One Of These Days These Boots Are Going To Walk All Over You

    12. Let Go And Let Live

    13. Messed Up Momma

    14. The Blame Game

    15. The Young And The Restless

    16. The Fixer

    17. Lastly, Attached At The Hip

    Do you have a story about being the problem in your romantic relationship or friendship? Let us know in the comments below!