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    Oct 17, 2017

    "Books On Caffeine" Is Trending On Twitter And Here's What People Came Up With

    Caffeine and a good book: name a better duo, I dare you!

    Okay, so if you've been scrolling through your Twitter timeline today, then you've probably noticed a few things: Google's epic Selena Quintanilla doodle, Gucci Mane's getting married, and this hashtag: #BooksOnCaffeine.

    Reddit / Via

    Because I'm a bookworm myself, I just had to find out what that hashtag was all about. And let me tell you, I was not disappointed.

    #BooksOnCaffeine allows people to recreate some of today's most popular book titles and add a caffeinated spin to them. Here are some of the funniest one:

    1. The Fault in Our Stars became:

    #BooksOnCaffeine The Fault in Our Starbucks

    @UnknownWr1ter / Via Twitter: @UnknownWr1ter

    2. To Kill a Mockingbird became:

    @Oh_Carolizzle / Via Twitter: @Oh_Carolizzle

    3. A Tale of Two Cities became:

    A Tale Of Two Lattes. #BooksOnCaffeine

    @Sb_spark / Via Twitter: @Sb_spark

    4. The Red Badge of Courage became:

    The Red Badge of Keurig #BooksOnCaffeine

    @d_battz / Via Twitter: @d_battz

    5. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest became:

    One Brew Over The Cuckoos Nest #BooksOnCaffeine

    @SugarGretel / Via Twitter: @SugarGretel

    6. Murder on the Orient Express became:

    #BooksOnCaffeine The Orient Espresso!

    @bigjohnmorgan / Via Twitter: @bigjohnmorgan

    7. Hop on Pop became:

    @MHJagunic / Via Twitter: @MHJagunic

    8. For Whom the Bell Tolls became:

    For whom the Barista calls #BooksOnCaffeine

    @HollynHeron / Via Twitter: @HollynHeron

    9. A Thousand Splendid Suns became:

    #BooksOnCaffeine A Thousand Splendid Espressos

    @Robin46_2 / Via Twitter: @Robin46_2

    10. How Stella Got Her Groove Back became:

    How Stella Got Her Brew Back #BooksOnCaffeine

    @angelwhoswears / Via Twitter: @angelwhoswears

    11. The Secret Life of Bees became:

    “The Secret Life of Beans” #BooksOnCaffeine

    @allynik / Via Twitter: @allynik

    12. The Catcher in the Rye became:

    The Catcher in the Grind #BooksOnCaffeine

    @mostlybratty / Via Twitter: @mostlybratty

    13. One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish became:

    One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Brew Fish #BooksOnCaffeine

    @OutWithMarxists / Via Twitter: @OutWithMarxists

    14. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone became:

    #BooksOnCaffeine Harry Pooper and the Sorcerer's Stone

    @robyndwoskin / Via Twitter: @robyndwoskin

    15. Where the Red Fern Grows became:

    @LukeWheeler01 / Via Twitter: @LukeWheeler01

    16. Anne of Green Gables became:

    Anne of Green Mountain Gables #BooksOnCaffeine

    @SheaBrowning / Via Twitter: @SheaBrowning

    17. Fifty Shades of Grey became:

    Fifty Shades of Earl Grey #BooksOnCaffeine

    @KelKass / Via Twitter: @KelKass

    18. And The Lord of the Rings became:

    The Lord of the Table Rings #BooksOnCaffeine

    @Hella_Right / Via Twitter: @Hella_Right

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