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    "My Wife And Kids" Star Noah Gray-Cabey Is A Whole Heartthrob Now And Someone Needs To Tell Kady

    Franklin, is that you?

    All American finally returned for its Season 3 premiere, and it's already off to a strong start!

    Spencer James returned to his old stomping grounds at South Crenshaw High School, and while some people welcomed him back with open arms...

    A still of Spencer James from "All American"

    ...others weren't as thrilled. One of the main people giving him a hard time was his teammate and newbie to the show, Frausto, played by Noah Gray-Cabey.

    A still of Noah Gray-Cabey sitting in a classroom in "All American"

    From the moment he appeared on my screen, I thought, "Oh he's real cute," but then I also felt like I've seen his face before, but I couldn't immediately place it.

    Then it hit me: IT'S FRANKLIN FROM MY WIFE AND KIDS!!!

    A still of Franklin from "My Wife and Kids" pointing his finger at someone

    Yes, the same Franklin Aloysius Mumford who was obsessed with Kady, intellectually superior to the rest, and could play the hell out of a piano.

    Stills of Franklin and Kady from "My Wife and Kids"

    I would say I'm surprised, but Noah was always a cutie. Plus, now I'm convinced there was something in the water on the My Wife and Kids set, because Kady (Parker McKenna Posey) grew up to be just as stunning.

    Franklin — I mean Noah — is a grown man now and, well...DAMN!

    A still of Noah Gray-Cabey from "All American"

    I think we can all agree that he's in good company, because when it comes to eye candy, the show definitely isn't lacking.

    But All American isn't the only thing Noah's been working on lately. The 25-year-old also had a recurring role on Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists as Mason.

    Noah Gray-Cabey attends the "Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists" Premiere wearing slacks, a floral-print dress shirt, and. suspenders

    He also starred as Dr. Elliot Dixon on the CBS medical drama Code Black.

    A scene from "Code Black" where Dr. Dixon is treating a patient in the ER

    I don't know how I missed all of this, but I'm so glad to see him booked and busy.

    It's always great to see my favorite child stars thriving in their adult careers.

    And this Harvard graduate just gave me another reason to watch All American.

    A still of Noah Gray-Cabey from "All American"

    If you want to see Franklin all glowed up, be sure to check out All American on The CW, Mondays at 8 p.m. ET.