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    Nina Dobrev's Mom Really Wants Her To Have A Baby And She's Not Subtle About It At All

    Family: can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.

    Nina Dobrev stars in a new comedy called Fam, where she plays a woman trying to hide her messy family drama from her new fiancé.

    Well, Nina spilled the beans about her own fam when she stopped by The Late Late Show on Tuesday. She opened up to James Corden about her mom's extreme desire for grandchildren.

    "Two years ago she gave me baby onesies for Christmas. And this past year, she gave me diapers."

    "She didn't give me a pack of diapers. She individually wrapped every diaper, so I had to keep opening them."

    "The morning of, it was funny. But then the next day, I found a diaper in my purse. The next day, I found it in my bag. Then in Africa, when I arrived, I found three diapers in my suitcase."

    But even though Nina finds her mom's antics "super aggressive," it's what makes her fam one of a kind.

    To hear more from Nina, watch the full clip below.

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