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    This New Zealand Aquarium Posts Naughty "Penguins Of The Month" And Their Offenses Are Hilarious

    Get ready for some penguin prerogative.

    Sometimes it feels like animals only have two moods: super sweet...

    hope that this makes your day a bit better (Jaimee Monk FB)

    ...and no fucks given. So, when those moments get documented it makes things even better, and by better, I mean funnier.

    @RiffTrax Cat wisdom: Destroy all competition. There can be only one!

    Well, the National Aquarium of New Zealand has a unique way of showcasing one of their beloved animals. In a monthly series called Penguin of the Month, they honor the best and naughtiest of their kind.

    Here are 2019's shining stars so far:

    August was filled with thieves and scales:

    July had its fair share of bullies and bedheads:

    June featured a lazy swimmer and a sand saint:

    May focused on window washers and a friendly flipper:

    April got ahold of a heartthrob and Miss Independent:

    In March, things got a little hairy and a little wet:

    February had an appearance by a snapper and a supporter:

    And January featured a deadbeat and good eats:

    Aren't they the cutest?! And if you want to see which penguins round out the rest of the year, follow the National Aquarium of New Zealand.

    National Geographic