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17 Hilariously Accurate Tweets About The 2020 VMAs

What a night!

From creative performances to stylish looks, the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards had it all! Now it's time see what people thought of the show:


If @ladygaga can sing and dance for a 15 minute epic music montage with 6 costume changes while wearing a mask, you can wear one to the grocery store Vicki.


keke palmer looking at the fake crowd behind her like... #vmas


Me when they robbed The Weeknd of half his awards at the VMA’s


keke: YALL HAVING FUN the y’all in question:


I’m sorry but this absolutely looks like the aliens from Independence Day are about to vaporize them for daring to sing “tonight’s gonna be a good night” in August 2020


With ALL the good music that came out this year, the VMAs has the Black Eyed Peas closing out the show with “I Gotta Feeling.” 2020 man..


For the record, @KekePalmer has TALENT! Personality that jumps thru the screen ... Beauty ... and MOVES! Cmon Miss Keke! I’m so proud of u


the vma fake audience gives me a weird dystopian type of feeling


Sometimes at award shows Lady Gaga is responsible for being Cher, Liza, and Madonna at once and that's so much costuming, showmanship, and iron-fisted authority for one person.



.@theestallion’s ‘Savage’ wins Best Hip-Hop at the 2020 #VMAs.


keke palmer, ariana grande, ok now let’s get jamie lee curtis up in this VMAs scream queens reunion


ICYMI: Maluma paid tribute to legendary author & news reporter Gale Weathers at this year's #VMAs ceremony.


no because doja cat really gobbled this up


Now everyone say it with me. Doja Cat is the WHAT...............


I can’t get over that Dynamite performance!! So beautiful!! They didn’t leave a DROP of swag for anyone else tonight. The show is over. Goodnight. 💥 @bts_bighit


Please understand when we say “best dressed” we mean Jaden Smith at the 2020 #VMAs.

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