"Obi-Wan Kenobi" Fans Rallied Behind Moses Ingram After She Received Hundreds Of Racist Comments After Joining The Franchise

    "She's one of the most interesting characters on the show."

    Obi-Wan Kenobi debuted last week and introduced Moses Ingram as Inquisitor Reva to the world.

    Moses Ingram in a scene from "Obi-Wan Kenobi"

    And in light of the negative and racist comments she's been bombarded with since joining the Star Wars franchise, I thought it would be good to focus on the positive.

    Moses Ingram smiles at a premiere

    Here are a bunch of tweets supporting the rising star:


    reva has one of the most intriguing arcs in #ObiWanKenobi and for that moses deserves so much admiration and recognition for delivering her role flawlessly. i cannot wait to see how reva’s story plays out in the next few episodes!!! #WeLoveYouMosesIngram

    Twitter: @foreverwcnter


    I think Moses Ingram is doing great. #Reva is showing a side we don't often see with force sensitive people: unhinged and out of control. She's petty and doesn't listen. The other Inquisitors fall in line but we are told that she's different so she acts different. #ObiWanKenobi

    Twitter: @thewonderladie


    so we all agree that #reva is the badass of the whole inquisitor group right? because from those two episodes, she was awesome. [#ObiWan #DarthVader #ObiWanKenobi #Kenobi]

    Disney+ / Lucasfilm / Twitter: @amurkymuc


    Don't understand how #Reva is a bad character if she literally saves #ObiWanKenobi from being dull? She's one of the most interesting characters on the show. Y'all can stay pressed.

    Twitter: @amxndareviews


    This is a Moses Ingram stan account. The Force is definitely strong with her. I will support her all the way. Can't wait to see what #Reva does next. She's amazing and badass. #ObiWanKenobi

    Disney+ / Lucasfilm / Twitter: @shemjay93


    Anyways, Moses Ingram is phenomenal as #Reva and I can’t wait for her story to unfold in future episodes of #ObiWanKenobi

    Twitter: @bridgerspike


    Idc what your opinion is on Reva just don’t take it out on Moses Ingram #obiwankenobi

    Twitter: @allentodiggs


    Seeing originals come back is great and all but Moses Ingram is the best part of the show thus far as Reva. She is absolutely terrifying and owns every scene she's in. If your racism cant let you see that then there is no room for you in a galaxy far far away #ObiWanKenobi

    Twitter: @DickBats_0715


    Appreciation post for this fierce woman who is tough, tenacious, & willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish her goals. Thank you for giving us #Reva, #MosesIngram. She is a gift & we’re so excited you’re a part of the #StarWars universe! #ObiWanKenobi #DarthVader

    Disney+ / Lucasfilm / Twitter: @DarksaberLight


    you’ve barely seen her, how can you make such a quick judgment? and if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing. that’s it. I’m excited to see what she does next episode, I think she’s pretty cool! 😁 #Reva #WeLoveReva #ObiWanKenobi 🖤

    Twitter: @teeniebean52


    Racism doesn’t have its place nor in Star Wars nor in any other fandom, gatekeeping these mfs from the fandom is a 100% warranted #StarWars #ObiWanKenobi #Reva

    Twitter: @CounterVince2


    Moses Ingram is getting racist crap from #StarWars "fans?" Are these people just jealous she got a role, and such a COOL one, on #ObiWanKenobi? I watch her on the series and see she has a huge career ahead of her. What did you all accomplish, racist fanboys?

    Twitter: @KSiteTV


    I hate that Moses Ingram has to deal with all the disrespectful comments about her role in #ObiWanKenobi. She doesn't deserve that.

    Twitter: @Majin_Khan


    Reva is one of the best Star Wars villains. Period! Focused Unpredictable Calculating Killer Instinct Obsessed Frenzied Frightening !!! If you disagree, read vertically. #StarWars #Obiwankenobi #Reva

    Twitter: @EmolumentsNow


    I just watched the first 2 episodes of Obi-Wan Kenobi at the World Premiere and it was fire!!! Nostalgia hit different, it was heartbreaking and fun simultaneously! Reva is an absolute beast and I cannot wait to see more of her!! Obi-Wan is back baby!!! #ObiWanKenobi

    Twitter: @TheoriesByT


    @screenrant Moses Ingram is very good in her role. Some comments here are silly. Her character is SUPPOSED TO BE "unlikable" bc she's a damn Inquisitor, a arrogant, obsessed and violent villain. BTW: If black actors and actresses annoy you, YOU'RE the problem. #StarWars #ObiWan #ObiWanKenobi

    Twitter: @Mister_Brisby


    It’s obvious that #Reva is the only Inquisitor in #ObiWanKenobi who is actually getting results. The others are just walking around and taking credit for her efforts. She’s a total badass and Moses Ingram is portraying it so damn well. There’s no room for racism and hate here.

    Twitter: @albedobrave


    Inquisitor Reva played by Moses Ingram is AUTOMATICALLY one of the most badass characters in the Star Wars universe. Congrats on being courted into this epic adventure, well deserved!! #Reva #ObiWanKenobi

    Disney+ / Lucasfilm / Twitter: @DevinScott64


    Hey fellow Star Wars nerds, no matter what happens in Kenobi, PLEASE do not direct any hatred towards Moses Ingram! She’s just an actor at the end of the day, NOT the character she’s playing. And if you’re hating her because you’re racist, go F yourself. #ObiWanKenobi

    Twitter: @Lapis_Dan


    Moses Ingram is awesome. Can’t wait to see more of what her role brings to #ObiWanKenobi.

    Twitter: @Noah_Villaverde


    Much love and support to #MosesIngram for her starring role on #ObiWanKenobi. The scumbags and racists don’t speak for all of us, and they will never ruin our love of #StarWars or it’s characters. Welcome to the family, Moses. We got your back. 💜 https://t.co/ZY3U507nxp

    Disney+ / Lucasfilm / Twitter: @KeyboardJunkie